• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Of Course The Entire White House Knew!

by Noah

Of course they all knew. And not just the assholes listed in the meme. There was no way they didn't know. That goes for every single traitor in the Trump administration, all of them, from the interns on up to Boss Donnie. It also goes for all of the Republican House and $enate members who voted not to certify Biden's victory and did so much to encourage Dear Leader Trump's murderous mob attack on the Capitol Building.

Funny how seemingly everyone is glorifying all the people who have now testified before the Select 1/6 Committee and admitted that they knew all along. Sorry, but it matters greatly that they all either went along or kept their mouths shut until the moment they testified when they knew the truth from the get-go and said nothing and did nothing in the defense of what's left of America's experiment in democracy. Obviously, they were comfortable with tearing the country apart every hour of every day since November 3rd, 2020. Maybe they were "just following orders." Maybe they were auditioning for future jobs at FOX "News" or OAN.

On Tuesday, the House Republican Pro Coup Caucus, led by goofballs Mike Johnson and Steve Scalise, who voted against certifying Biden's election, borrowed a page from Mein Kampf and doubled down on their 1/6 pro coup attempt and are now taking the "nothing to see here/America has moved on/'low ratings'" approach to the revelations of the televised hearings. Perhaps they just want to grant Putin's dying wish.

Fun Factoid: Republicans who testify under oath before the Select Committee admit the White House role in 1/6. Those who comment on FOX and elsewhere in the Nazi propaganda media don't.

Not So Fun Factoid: It's hardly a shocker but not one single member of Congress or the Trump Administration who had either an active or supporting role in the coup attempt is even one step away from going to jail for all of this. I always say that Washington takes care of its own but anyone in Washington who does nothing (talking about you DOJ and Congress) to stand up for this country and rectify that is being complicit and essentially legalizing future terrorism and traitorous attacks. The blood and the end of America will be on all of their hands.