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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! October Surprise!

by Noah

Happy Fall everybody! October has arrived and, surprise, surprise; by some weird chance, you and I are still among the living as the big blue spherical clusterphuck tracks round and round the sun! Not to worry, though, the Nazi Death Cult Party is still resolutely anti-vaccine and pushing Ivermectin as a cure for COVID, and why not? In case you were too busy and never noticed, they want you to die! And, man oh man, they've got plenty of programs for that!

So, what now? Easy! Instead of an effective vaccine for COVID, Mr. & Mrs. Repug would have us try a nice big heaping spoon of Republican Horseshit, er, I mean horse paste. Now with pumpkin spice! What better way to pay tribute to the Orange Menace To Society than shit yourself to death with new Pumpkin Spice Ivermectin! It's orange! He's orange! You're dead! Death Cult happiness in a tube! It's a win-win! As seen on FOX "News!"

Wash it down with some bleach or Lysol and you'll never have to fear anything or anyone again! Buy some today! Buh-Bye!!!

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