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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Nothing McConnell Says Is Worth Shit

by Noah

I'm getting really tired of corporate media hacks acting like Moscow Mitch McTraitor's mind has, after all this time, come around to some truth that's been blatantly obvious to anyone with an honest viewpoint for seemingly forever. What this P.O.S. is doing is engaging in a kind of cynical game of "Good Cop-Bad Cop." He is, has, and always will be a leader of the GOP, American Nazi Party, Domestic Terror Party, or whatever synonym you care to refer to them by. He has proven where he stands time and time again. His words mean nothing. His damaging actions tell the tale. This $enate Minority Dirtbag doesn't have a sincere cell in his body and he has dedicated his life to personal greed and complete evil. That begs the obvious question of why we should believe anything he has to say about any subject at any time past, present, or future.

The proof of what I am saying is simple: Compare this latest quote to the indisputable fact that Moscow Mitch had the chance to remove his insane dirtbag master from the White House twice and consciously and with all deliberation chose not to. The second time was after his party's attempted coup on 1/6, thus rendering his latest bullshit meaningless. Had he led his fellow traitors in the $enate to vote to find Trump guilty and remove him, Trump would also be unable to run for the presidency or any office again. Obviously, that is not what he and his co-conspirators wanted. They support the rolling coup and have zero desire to end it. There are no other reasons why McConnell has done the damage to this country that he has done other than his own sedition, treason, support for the autocracy of Trumpism, bribes from K Street, and the risk of his gravy train of Russian rubles being cut off. Let's get real,people!!!!!


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Feb 11, 2022

true for every nazi since the '60s. But let one say something the left agrees with, suddenly they are laudable, heroic, brave... and we worship them.

why is that?

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