• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! No Sense Of Perspective At FOX

by Noah

Oh! What a shocker! FQX spent the entire weekend fretting about their burning Christmas tree. Talk about getting maximum coverage! Nothing about the latest Trump Coup revelations at all! Color me shocked 2X.

The FOX "News" tree was a damn Christmas tree that was set on fire by a poor mentally ill homeless guy, homeless due to the kinds of policies and agendas that sick, warped people like those on FOX push 24 hours a day. It's not like a bunch of people stormed their building, took over their offices, destroyed priceless historical art, murals, and paintings, and smeared their excrement on the walls while calling for Chris Wallace to be hanged on a gallows outside for leaving and going to CNN.

These FQX cretins have zero sense of perspective but what would anyone rightfully expect from any Republican anywhere? They even call the guy that did it a "leftwing terrorist!" Their Christmas tree burned and every effort of the goons at FQX is, always has been and always will be directed at burning down the whole damn country. Fuck these goosestepping goons with a damn jackhammer!