• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! No Contraceptives For You!!!!

by Noah

Hey you! You got big plans for a hot weekend? You think those far right goofballs on the so-called Supreme Court and all those goddamn Nazi freaks in Congress and Republican-run state legislatures are just joking when they talk about not stopping at limiting a woman's right to choose but also intend to move on to revisiting the right of anyone to buy and use contraceptives? Ok, maybe they'll let you if you have a nice note from Big Brother since a big part of being a nazi is knowing who's doing what with whom, and when and where.

The GOP's current forced birth movement is the beginning. Next up will be a line in the Republican Party platform that decrees "Sex shall only be for procreation." You think not? Where the hell do you think this stuff comes from! Republicanism is born out of a peculiar conservative mental illness and it wants to control everything about your life: your schooling right down to the textbooks and what teachers are allowed to say, how you see yourself, what you wear, who you can marry, your wages, what books can be in your local library, the whole bit, even the air you breathe. The time to stop being naive is now more than ever, before that glorious republican future where zombie cops that look like Steve Bannon and Ron DeSantis pull you over and taser you for having condoms in your glove compartment or a diaphragm in your purse and you find yourself remembering when you thought it could never happen just like you thought Roe would never go down or selected citizens would be denied the right to vote. Welcome to the world of the Republican mind.