• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! New Concept: Moments Of Morality In DC?

by Noah

The problems of money and its corruptive influence in our political system of government shouldn't come as a surprise to any sentient human. It is, however, a measure of how bad things have gotten when a couple of alleged democratic $enators feel they can operate not just completely in the open about it but also call press conferences just to rub both it and the effects of it in the faces of the citizens of this entire country as if they were Moscow Mitch himself. $enators Manchin & Sinema are Washington's current 2-headed version of Galigantus or Gidorah of classic Japanese monster movie fame. Just like in the movies, they have risen from the toxic dump, a toxic dump years in the making that has been made as American as apple pie. We've tolerated it all this time and our elected leaders have done nothing about it for obvious reasons of greed and hunger for power and relevance that very few of them could ever come by honestly. Given the truth of all that, why shouldn't it have boiled up, festered, and grown and grown. Somewhere in Hell, Spiro Agnew and John Mitchell are lamenting that they were born too soon.

So, where are we now? Well, maybe if 100,000,000 of us or so contribute just a dollar each to a special I'll call The Manchin & Sinema I Got Mine Fund, we can persuade them to help do away with the filibuster long enough to at least accomplish a few things for the people their kind dismissively refer to as "ordinary Americans." If we have to pay them an extra $50,000,000 a piece to actually do right by their constituents for once, it's worth it, no? That's what Washington has come to; GoFundMe accounts just to pay to have some occasional moments of morality in Washington. And don't bitch to me that that would set some kind of precedent. That mangy mule left the barn eons ago.

Meanwhile, we can hound them to a Hell on this plain. Some of us can use our phones as an assault weapon like those auto warranty a-holes do, at least until they shut their phones off completely. Some of us can hold campouts at their homes and offices. Why not kayak right up to Manchin's floating mansion every day and night and blast hardcore metal and Ornette Coleman records at him like the feds blasted AC/DC at David Koresh and his followers in Waco? Can you change the minds of such assholes? Probably not, but irritating them and the accomplices that work for them majorly has to be worth something. If it's all we've got, we should maximize it. Zero tolerance people!

It's time to be the karmic payback! Additional phone numbers you can use (and be sure to write them all down in public bathroom stalls), include Kyrsten Enema's Tuscon, AZ office number, 520-639-7080 (The office claims "Our office is here to serve you."). Yeah, I know it doesn't really say who 'you' is. Manchin's Charleston, West Virginia office phone is 304-342-5855, and he has a fax number! It's 304-343-7144! Sorry, I don't know what kind of paper his fax machine uses or I might, out of the goodness of my own heart, send him some, or not. Please, no death threats. Just because they act like republicans, doesn't mean you have to. Besides, if you hound them enough, they just might wish they were dead. That is the kind of life they deserve.