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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Never Forget, 74,000,000 Voted For This

by Noah

Your Saturday Cartoon:

Don't ya love how "some people are saying" that there are such things as moderate Republicans, ie. Republicans who exhibit at least some small measure of sanity or something that can almost pass for sanity if you don't look too closely? Yeah, I know that, not just the assclowns in the cartoon but lots of democrats also shelter in a false virtual reality of their own making. It's a virtual reality where they think they can convince a few differently registered voters to come over to the side of patriotism and human decency. Good luck with that.

So, how many at least partially sane Republicans are there out there in the entire country? 4000? 5000? Maybe 9,000 on a great day? Any time you catch yourself having thoughts that, in effect, match the demented virtual reality delusions of those depicted in the above cartoon, just remind yourself that 74,000,000 Republicans voted for Traitor Don Trump knowing exactly what he is and were perfectly fine with it. Go ahead. say it. Say it to yourself out loud. Repeat after me! Say it! 74,000,000 Republicans voted for a deranged wannabe Hitler who had already proven that he's the single biggest threat to our national security since 1860. Say it! Smack yourself upside the head, bang your head on the wall and wake up. Say it! 74,000,000 Republicans voted for this mess.

Where are those mythical "moderate, sane Republicans?" How many do we hear from? Go ahead, count them on one hand. Keep in mind that those allegedly good and decent Republicans didn't just vote for Trump, they voted for the congressional traitors who voted to keep him in office after impeachments twice and they voted for state legislators who are seeking to overturn any future elections that don't go the nazi way. And, after you do that, you better ask why Trump is still a free man holding rallies and flying from one golf course to another, all of which he owns because no one has even seized all of his assets, let alone arrested him. That's a whole separate chapter in this saga. What if you or anyone else you know did a tenth of what he's done? We know what he would do if the situation was reversed. He's told us repeatedly. "Lock her up" and all that.

There are too many naive people among us who are thinking they can siphon off just some of the 74,000,000, not even an impossible third, but just enough to make a difference in this year's elections and those of 2024. They should not count on that at all. Such fools are plagued with a Neville Chamberlain mindset and feel their efforts at "diplomacy" will work but history puts the lie to that when you realize that, in 2016, 63,000,000 voted for a freak who has always been an openly insane criminal, racist, and treasonous man with dreams of being a "President For Life" who dreams of having free reign to inflict everything that goes with his horrifically psychopathic character upon every man, woman, and child on the planet. Then 4 years later, after 4 years of clearly seeing this extremist madman in action, even more of them, 11,000,000 more of them, came out of their woodwork and crawlspaces to vote for the man they saw as an ideal leader. So, what will it be in 2024? A jump up to 81,000,000? 84,000,000? More? That's the way it's going, folks. Clearly, even if the Democrats were to offer the best and most inspiring candidates imaginable, the number of pro Nazi Republican voters is growing.

Have a nice weekend.

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