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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! My List For Santa, #1

by Noah

You see, I've got a nice deep pool out in the back and I can just modify the high diving board springs so it really bounces up and down bigly. I see it as Traitor President on a bungee cord!

Yeah, I know he'll leave a three inch thick orange scum on top of the water but I can hire McConnell's pool boy to take care of it. He doesn't have anything else to do these days.

What's that you say? Won't my pool freeze over now that winter is upon us? Yes, that's true, but I have an old chicken coup at the rear of my property. I can keep him there 'til spring. No problem. There's even some moldy bags of old chicken feed. He'll be tied up but I can leave it on the floor of my coup for him to bob up and down and peck at.

The racoons like to urinate on the roof of the coup and, yeah, some of it drips in, but into everyone's life a little rain must fall. I hear he's kind of into that sort of thing anyway.

And, how fitting is this? I can set up my special coupcam and film the whole thing for the entertainment of millions!

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