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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Mr. Trump Is A Fashion Plate!

by Noah

Wow! Nice duds, Donnie! I'm reminded of your daughter/fantasy wife Ivanka's contemptuous tone deaf comment directed towards the unemployed: "find something new." If you remember (doubtful) Donnie, she said that straight in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic as you were striving to do everything you could to make it as bad as possible. What a team you two are!

Well, now it's Donnie Psycho's turn to "find something new" but he just can't adjust to his new reality. He's been "between jobs" but our intrepid DownWithTyranny photographer has, as you can see above, caught a glimpse of him at one of his temporary jobs. Hey, Donnie, is this your employment future? Lookin' good, Donnie! This and a part time gig huckstering pillows and crack for Mike Lindell should be right up your alley, along with your ever smaller Maga rallies, of course.

When I look at Trump, this is how I've always seen him. In fact, this is how I see his whole damn family, the My Pillow wacko, everyone who ever worked in the Trump White House (Wouldn't Stephen Miller look great in this get up?), the loons at FOX, and the whole damn Republican Party. I mean, really, is there any other way to see Sydney Powell and the oozing Rudy Giuliani? Not for me! Moscow Mitch McConnell? Kremlin Kevin McCarthy? Sarah Palin? Marjorie Traitor Greene aka this year's Sarah Palin? Sean Hannity? Ok, I admit it. I view Hannity a little differently. He's wearing a tutu instead of trousers. You get the picture. Same with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, maybe holding a brightly coloredspinnig pinwheel, too?

Really, the whole damn party is a carny row sideshow now. These people went into one form of politics or another because they were brain-bludgeoned and concussed by their own hates and idiocies and couldn't do anything else. At best, they're only fit to be driving a special fleet of Uber Clown Cars or, perhaps be greeters at some near empty Twilight Zone Walmart. If only that's where we could assign them.

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