• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Money That Republicans Consider Money Well Spent

by Noah

One thing for sure is that Republican voters don't care where the money to pay Psycho Donnie's porno paramour "Stormy Daniels" and Donnie Junior's alleged fiance, Kimberly Tinfoil came from. Prosecutors believe that the $130,000 paid to the porno "actress" came from a fraudulent home equity loan and other suspicions abound. Now, it appears that the $60,000 to pay Ms. Kimberly for her 2 or 3 minutes of monkey screeching on 1/6 at Trump's mob incitement rally came from the $250,000,000 that Trump grifted from his gullible supporters through his Save America Pac (or SAP, for short), money that was ostensibly raised to defend their great orange idol Trump. For all we know, the Trump Crime Family may have taken it from a fake foundation or even a children's charity. Over 70,000,000 Republicans proved they have no problem with such payment plans. I guess it all goes with the basic feelings of entitlement that all Republicans repeatedly demonstrate.

On the flipside, how do you feel about your hard-earned taxpayer dollars being used to provide additional security or any security at all for traitors to the United States of America like Clarence and Ginni Thomas?