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Midnight Meme Of The Day! McCarthy & McConnell Double Down On Cover-up

by Noah

Oh! What a surprise! The Domestic Terror Party is against investigating the machinations behind the 1/6 attempted coup. Gee, I never saw that coming! But, hey, they've got plenty of time and energy for Hunter Biden's laptop and Hillary's emails.

On Wednesday afternoon, the House of Representatives voted to investigate 1/6 with a supposed 9/11-style commission. I say "supposed" because the investigation bill the wussy Democrats put forward was watered down to the extent that they met the Republicans more than halfway and even apparently gave into every single one of Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's demands regarding formats, staffing, subpoena veto power, and procedures. Imagine giving al Qaeda a seat at the table for the 9/11 investigation or letting some German Nazi judges sit on the Nuremberg panel after WW2, all in the name of "bipartisanship" of course. The Democrats even agreed to finish up the whole dog and pony show by the end of the year because the Repugs didn't want all that bad publicity of their involvement dragging into the 2022 election year. So, there ya go, a quickie now ya see it, now ya don't crapshow. Nothing to see here folks. No unsightly treason. Nope, no traitors here! Washington always takes care of its own. Yeah, I understand the idea of wanting some votes in favor from the Repugs. That would take away their standard "partisan" bitch but, so what, they'll bitch and whine no matter what. Fuck 'em. They gave up their right to any bipartisanship when they chose to secede from democracy and made their bigly bigliest statement about it on 1/6.

To be fair, and I'm always fair; in the end 35 Republicans did vote to proceed with forming a 1/6 commission. Swell. However, it's worth noting that fewer Republicans voted for the investigation than voted to certify President Biden's election. In other words, the Domestic Terror Party has gotten even more obstinate in their treason than they were on 1/6. Pay attention! This is not going in the right direction. Trump's party is getting worse and worse as the weeks go by.

McCarthy and McConnell deserve special attention, more so than even before now. The Democrats gave McCarthy everything he asked for and, in the end, he smirked his smirk and voted no. McConnell? He was sort of for it before he was most definitely against it. Sounds like a couple of phone calls came in from the Republican white house down in Mar-a-Lago, or maybe the Russian embassy. Now the whole farce goes to the $enate. I can't wait to see what goons like Lindsey Graham and Susie Q Collins have to say. Can't you just see her saying that she's giving it all "careful consideration" and then voting no. John Thune (DT-SD) has already chirped up. He's concerned about how treason might look in 2022:

I want our midterm message to be about the kinds of issues the American people are dealing with. anything that gets us rehashing the 2020 election is a day lost on being able to draw a contrast.

In fact, it's painfully obvious from his statement that the treason of his party's attempted coup is not a biggie at all as far as he's concerned. Yeah, it's all "We tried. We failed. Let's let bygones be bygones. Let's move on." The Trumpies certainly don't want people thinking about their un-American activities during the 2022 election year. We already know where Josh Hawley stood on all of this. He put his fist in the air in solidarity. Same with Fled Cruz and Ron "Pride Of Wisconsin" Johnson. Add John Thune to the list of the scummiest Republicans. How many more? Hell, nearly every damn Repug in both houses of Congress showed us where they stood on treason, cop-killing, the idea of hanging Pence, Pelosi, and others, and smearing Republican maga feces on the walls when they voted not to impeach their beloved leader even after he incited their attempted coup. 1/6 was a very disappointing day for Repugs just not in the same way it was very disappointing for patriotic Americans. Imagine how much shame they must feel when they speak with their Russian friends.

Yeah, and don't forget that that whole mob of violent white supremacist cop-killing Trump fans that Repugs now allege were really just a bunch of typical, well-behaved tourists. Rep. Andrew Clyde was no aberration. His "tourists" statement was a perfect example of the kind of thing you get when you let members of the Domestic Terror Party sit on these commissions. So if there ever actually is a 1/6 Commission, of any kind, expect more of the same. None of the congressional Republican a-holes really want any serious investigation. No Republican does. They don't want their connections to the planning of the attempted coup being exposed and they don't want their connections and even financial contributions to and from the white supremacist groups exposed either. They know what happens when you start pulling threads.

Democrats should go it alone and stop all this wimpoid, idiotic negotiating with terrorists and terrorist sympathizers. They should roll out the select committees like the Repugs did for 3 years over Benghazi. Forget getting it over within a mere 6 months so it doesn't push into the 2022 election year ("Oh, we don't wanna be pushy. We don't want to offend.") My god, what the hell is wrong with these people! Steamroll it right into 2024! The Democrats should Benghazi this whole attempted coup times 10 but they won't and they'll just be inviting another attempt at overthrow. If the Democrats did get serious, we would find that, unlike the cases of Benghazi and Hunter Biden, there really is a there there. If it was up to me, I'd even recite the whole book of findings from a big desk on a flatbed trailer parked outside Four Seasons Landscaping and then take it to Trump Tower for a repeat performance. Take the whole thing on the road and use this as a theme song.

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