• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Mark Zuckerberg- A Modern Day Goebbels?

by Noah

Mark Zuckerberg banned Trump from Facebook and wants us to pat him on the back for it. Sorry Mark. Way too little, way too late. Big horse left the barn and all that. We're hip to what a disingenuous little weasel you are. You provided a major platform for The Orange Menace To Society to work his psychopathy against this country and its citizens and you continued to do so as the obvious damage mounted. You did it all by choice. You resisted doing anything about what he was obviously up to, and you waited until months after the attempted coup to ban him; for how long remains to be seen. Yes, I know the corporate media did much the same thing to help Trump get elected in the first place when they broadcasted his nightly insane, rambling, hours long 2016 campaign speeches which were clearly patterned after both Adolf Hitler and Fidel Castro.

Wouldn't it be great if there were tapes of what Trump & Zuckerberg had to say to each other as they talked in the oval office back in 2019? We know all Trump meetings tend to start with Trump trying to elicit a pledge of loyalty. What are the odds he didn't get one from a weasel like Zuckerberg? A heartfelt one at that. Of course I'm not so stupid or naive enough to think that we'd ever hear any tapes of the meetings. This is no doubt very much like Trump confiscating the notes of his meetings with Putin. I don't even have faith that the go along to get along suits in Congress would have the smarts to look for them or issue the necessary subpoenas to get them. Besides, Don Jr. would have chopped them up into little pieces and snorted them by now. Maybe his dad even added them to his adderall and did the same.

But a little more seriously: What Mark Zuckerberg provided for Herr Trump would have been the biggest source of envy for Josef Goebbels. History ignored does repeat itself. Zuckerberg willfully provided the biggest ever platform for misinformation (more honestly called Big Lies) that matched up perfectly with the Trump Russo-Republican endorsed agenda in so many ways and definitely not the least of which was the constant onslaught of Big Lies that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans from COVID-19. Last week, Zuckerberg's heinous minions attacked the new president for calling a spade a spade. Here's President Biden talking about social media in general and Facebook specifically:

They're killing people. Look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated, and that, and they're killing people.

Biden was referring of course to the COVID-is-a-hoax and anti-vax lies that Facebook spread and still, with or without Trump, spreads. Biden then horrifically walked back his statement a bit but it's not the first time he's showed a proclivity to appease the forces and enablers of Nazi evil and, sadly, it will not be the last. It's a hideous fact that that is how Washington politics works. In Washington there is no enemy not seen as worthy of an olive branch or a kiss on the ass. We all know it's a town of lots of words and as little action as possible. Zuckerberg has appeared before Congress in a typically meaningless dog and pony show full of wrong questions and jiveass answers. He might as well have been handed the key to the city (and therefore the country and the entire world) on national prime time TV.

Biden had it right the first time. Zuckerberg could have responded to Biden's initial comment with solutions but instead he attacked. Simple deductive reasoning leads us to the fact that Zuckerberg is still, no matter what he and his company say and do after the damage is done, very much a part of the psychopathological agenda of Donald J. Trump and his party. Banning Trump amounts to nothing but a highly disingenuous ploy, a very weak PR move, and/or a tiny slap on the wrist when the message still gets out there via surrogates. Broken, no, pulverized bones were and still are the morally required punishment.

Zuckerberg has told us and expects us to believe that, with all of the money, eyeballs and algorithms at his command, there's nothing he can do to remove the continuing Big Lie manifestations of the Trump agenda, Trump or no Trump, from his platform. He says that, when every damn day, users of Facebook get thrown into Facebook jail for far, far less and can't post anything for from three days to up to a month or more. What's the point of Facebook having policies about (to mention just one) things like vaccine related content when enforcement of those policies is not treated as a 24/7 job? It appears that, to a fellow traveler like Zuckerberg, fat shaming a politician is far worse than spreading lies on behalf of Grim Reaper psychopaths and sociopaths or trying to mount an otherthrow of the United States.

Zuckerberg continuously tells us that it's just so darn hard and just too expensive. He whines about criticism. He doesn't give a damn. He's in the business of monetizing hate. With a shrug and a smirk he asks, "where do we draw the line?" He's got the ultimate money printing machine and if tens and tens of thousands of disposable Americans die, so what. Get this: Facebook is a Trillion dollar company! We're supposed to believe that they can't afford to police themselves!!???!! Yeah, a trillion dollar company pleads poverty. Hilarious. Perhaps it's just time that we launch Zuckerberg into space, one way trip, of course. Granted, there are objectionable things and misinformation posted on social media by people from the left side of the political spectrum but what Zuckerberg is pushing for the Nazi element litterally is killing people by the tens of thousands and fomenting their coup attempts.

The whole thing is a matter of will. The Center For Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) has just reported that a huge majority of anti-vax lies and conspiracy theories are originating from just 12 people. The CCDH is a joint US/UK non-profit. They refer to the 12 culprits as the "disinformation dozen" and notes that the 12 have a following of 59 million people across multiple social media platforms with Facebook having the largest impact. 12 people vs. a trillion dollar company. According to an article published in The Guardian on Saturday, the CCDH analyzed 812,000 Facebook posts and tweets and found that 65% came from the "disinformation dozen." They also report that the dozen are responsible for 73% of the anti-vax content on Facebook and 95% of the COVID lies on the platforms were not removed. It's a simple matter to ask yourself why and an even simpler matter to come up with a logical answer.