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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Manchin & Sinema Would've Made Perfect Vichy Collaborators

by Noah

There they are, the KKK's two leading foot soldiers within the U.S. Senate's Democratic caucus. These two have joined with the Republicans in a shared goal of making it more and more difficult for minority citizens to vote. There used to be a thing in Washington called bipartisanship but, with the Republican Party only interested in feverishly supporting white supremacy, domestic terrorism and building a 4th Reich, that governing concept has flown out the window. All that is left is a chance to continue to let democracy breathe weakly or to collaborate with the Republican Party like so many French people did in World War 2. Manchin and Sinema would have made perfect Vichy collaborators. That is apparently their aspiration.

You may ask with Democrats like these, who needs Republicans? But these two are a living demonstration that both parties are contain true Nazis, closeted and otherwise, who are bought and paid for by corporate entities such as Koch Industries and other extreme corporatists who have a far, far right extremist agenda. The fact that the "For The People Act," the current voting rights bill before the $enate, could also put a crimp in that sad corrupt reality is another reason Nazi filth like every republican you could name along with the two people in tonight's meme are so desperately detemined to defeat the bill. Pay no attention to dog and pony show talk of "compromising." No compromise that supporters of total fascism would support would negate the money flow and that money flow would always be used to "elect" politicians and install judges who despise any notion of racial equality in this country. They like the river of money that flows their way, the Washington gravy train, so much that they would willingly (if not eagerly) see our country install a fascist dictatorship built around those who have aided and abetted Donald Trump. They would happily paint the Capitol Building gold and mount the name of Trump upon it in letters so large you could read it from the Washington Monument. Moscow Mitch McConnell, of course, would even put extra spotlights on it at night just to make sure we all, even the densest of us, get the message.

It's no mistake that Manchin ran his instantly infamous anti-voting rights op-ed in his hometown newspaper on June 6th. That was the anniversary of the D-Day allied invasion of the Nazi-held territories in Europe. He was clearly sticking his thumbs in the eyes of those who gave so much. You can bet that Manchin's choice of date was deliberate and that it has not gone unnoticed and unpraised by every white supremacist and Neo-Nazi group in America. The fact that Americans have fought and died for the right to vote means absolutely nothing to people like Manchin and Sinema. The proof is in what they are doing. It's all about that agenda of extreme fascism, the so-called "campaign contributions," and maintaining their cushy lifestyle built on sponging up as much cash as they can. It's an "Us And Them" statement of class and racial warfare.

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Jun 10, 2021

excellent and perfect analogy. in fact, both ARE 'vichy' collaborators, as is the entire democrap party since the DLC response to reagan's landslide win was to collaborate with the (now) nazis in corruption.

I just wonder if anyone knows what being a vichy collaborator actually means. You touched on nazi history a bit, but not enough for 98.6% of american morons to get a clear picture.

Same thing if you were to compare them to Chamberlain or Quisling. Each analogy is apt... but probably lost on the masses of congenital and maleducated american idiots.

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