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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Louisiana's Kennedy, A Grand Wizard Wannabe

by Noah

Damn, that lipstick is a nice touch, in a creepy Twin Peaks sorta way!

I also note that Kennedy looks more than a little like Joe Manchin. Going by the quote in the above meme, he's at least definitely a spiritual brother. Are they some sort of cousins, in a Confederacy sort of way? I'm just asking "'Cause cousins are two of a kind." Look, I know this $enator Kennedy might not have been the most racist Republican of the week but he obviously gave it a bigly bigly try and that has to be worth something, right? I mean, we can't give every prize to people with names like Trump or Carlson. C'mon! There's at least 74,000,000 fake Americans to choose from and the competition is fierce, but, in a time where Republicans have thrown out every last pretense of decency... Well, I want to be fair and give some of the other racist goons a chance at the spotlight. Ironically, it's kinda the American Way! So, there you have it. Louisiana $enator John Kennedy. He said what he said. He is who he is. And, no, he's no relation in any way to the two other John Kennedys so many Republicans who have gathered in Dallas think will be miraculously coming back to life to join with their Dear Leader in establishing a new white supremacist Reich. Kudos to $enator Kennedy! Kudos to Louisiana. $enator Kennedy has carried on the work of another of their favorite sons, David Duke. I'm sure it fills Louisianans with pride. Addendum: While I'm at it, $enator Kennedy is vehemently anti-gun control. So, just so you don't leave here thinking this bozo is merely a racist and a misogynist, here's a couple of quotable moments on that subject from Kennedy in recent times: 1. On legislating a background check for gun purchases: "We haven't had one since Moses walked the Earth. It's embarrassing." Damn! Who knew Moses and his followers wandered around in the desert with guns all that time. I bet they got mighty cranky from time to time and just had to fire off a few rounds! Glad I wasn't there. 2. On Washington talking about gun control after the Parkland High School massacre: "So far there's been a lot of chopping but I don't see any chips flying." Quite a sick choice of words for the $enator after 17 kids were chopped down in a hail of bullets. I suppose he might think he's being all folksy and funny as in fact he allegedly can be, but, in the context of his pro-gun stances, it reveals a very sick mind. I bet he's a barrel of laughs at KKK rallies.

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