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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Kremlin Kevin McCarthy's 6 for 1/6!

by Noah

I gotta give it up to House Minority Leader Kremlin Kevin McCarthy: How does he narrow down his choices to just 6 when he has such an endless list of Republican loonage to pick from? Hell, even if he had to restrict himself to just fellow congressional traitors, so many would feel slighted and insulted! I imagine Lauren Boebert and Louie Goehmert are beside themselves in tears while Paul Gosar is having a Proud Boy send a bomb. Matt Gaetz is probably trying to console himself with a 15-year-old. Mike Flynn is crying "What about ME!" and half of Texas is probably trying to figure out how to send McCarthy death threats with no electricity at their disposal. But, just like his beloved Traitor Donnie, House Minority Leader Kremlin Kevin McCarthy thinks he knows "the best people" and any republican anywhere will be filled with party pride when they see who Kremlin Kevin has chosen! Surely, the resulting conclusions of his commission will be "fair and balanced!"

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