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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Kremlin Kevin In Cahoots With Russian Asset Carlson

by Noah

Sure, the media talks about House Speaker Kremlin Kevin McCarthy handing over all of the surveillance films taken during his party's violent attempted J-6 coup, but, they sure do pussyfoot about it. Yes, they mention that McCarthy's act puts the lives of our Senators, Representatives, and all who work in the Capitol Building at risk but they aren't helping the future of democracy in this country by being shy about the full awful magnitude of what Kremlin Kevin has deliberately done. He has, among other things, provided what amounts to a blueprint of Capitol Building escape routes and safe rooms for future use by republican militia groups such as his party's co-conspirators the Oathkeepers, Proud Boys, and who knows who else. That much film is a "how to manual." It's all in the hands of the extremists at FOX "News" now and they did so much to push for the attempted J-6 coup. If at first you don't succeed...

The corporate media should tell the hard truth. They should call a spade a spade. Speaker McCarthy handed those films and all the security information that can be gleaned from them to one of Putin's very top assets operating in this country. The Rosenbergs were never as brazen as Kevin McCarthy and Tucker Carlson. We have a traitor in the Speaker's chair. It's certainly past time to admit it and act accordingly. Those in the media who don't speak up with full force are aiding and abetting a future tragedy. Get with it people!

Meanwhile, Carlson, one of the current stars of Russian State TV, will no doubt courier copies of the films to Moscow as fast as he can and he will use it here at home to put together a show or shows for FOX and Russian TV that will attempt to continue what have been nonstop Republican efforts to cover up the treasons of those congressional Republicans like Lauren Boebert. Remember when she was real time texting that Speaker Pelosi had left the House chamber (In other words, look elsewhere for her) during the coup attempt? He'll give it to his white supremacist and neo-nazi buddies, too. Hard to say who are the worst offenders, those who participated in the coup attempt or those who continue to try to cover up the participation of their own membership. A country that wasn't already so compromised would have arrested them all long ago, by the end of January 2020.



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