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Midnight Meme Of The Day! KKK's Ron DeSantis Doubles Down On GOP's White Supremacy

by Noah

Attacking the National Hockey League's diversity initiative and declaring a ban on African American Studies in Florida's schools... What a great way for any Republican to start off a new year and a presidential campaign. For Ron DeSantis, it just wasn't enough to attack Disney as being some sort of cabal of "woke groomers."

From "Don't Say Gay" to "Don't Say Black" to "Keep Hockey White," Ron DeSantis is hoping that the Republican nazi element sees him as a perfect Republican candidate for 2024. Will he officially announce his campaign by going to Philadelphia Mississippi where three civil rights workers were murdered like Reagan did or will he go to the site of Orlando's Pulse nightclub to send his not so subtle message of bigotry? Maybe, he'll just announce his candidacy at a tree that was known to be used in a lynching. I can see him even nailing a nice commemorative plaque to the base of the tree and handing out DeSantis For President nooses. After that, I can't wait 'til we see other GOP candidates falling all over themselves to outdo his bigotry on all fronts.

Perhaps MSNBC's Joy Reid gave the DeSantis actions the best perspective on his African American Studies ban when she said:

Racist southern governors erected Confederate statues from the 1890s through the 1950s to retire the history of the Confederacy's failed war and to make heroes of racist Southern traitors who attacked our troops in a bid to keep slavery forever. Today's racist Southern governors, like Ron DeSantis, seek to eliminate accurate history and thereby to wipe out our historical memory and replace it...

In other words, wipe out the memory in order to be able to more easily repeat a horrific history. Cut the present from the past so there can be no understanding of how we got to where we are now and no understanding of the steps and forces that got us here. DeSantis is trying to have it both ways though. He's trying to cover up history while sending signals to Republican voters as to exactly where he stands. He's a George Wallace style relic from the past who's trying to reestablish that past into the future.


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