Midnight Meme Of The Day! Killer Kyle, Teenage Republican Jesus!

by Noah

Yep. For Republicans, the near deification of Killer Kyle Rittenhouse was one of the major highlights in their year. They even gave him standing ovations at their Turning Point USA confab. They didn't have their Orange Menace To Society in the Oval Office anymore but they had Killer Kyle, another menace to society, in the streets of Kenosha. Killer Kyle acted out the dream of Republicans everywhere. Pudgy Teenage Republican Jesus with an AR-15. Expect more of the same.

Ashli Babbit, you ask? She was a traitor who willfully violated the oath she took to protect the Constitution when she joined the military. She was clearly a terrorist hell bent on breaking through the door to the House chamber where she was shot dead, as the meme above says, by one of the security personnel assigned to protect the members of Congress. They did their job and did it at great injurious cost to their ranks. Babbit was at the vanguard of the phalanx of terrorists. That she was the only one shot shows great restraint on the part of the security force, yet, to Republicans, the officers and agents are the bad guys and they are still getting death threats.

Who knows who the delusional Ms. Babbit might have killed had she succeeded in the break-in with her fellow traitors to the United States. Republicans from Donnie Psycho on down consider her a hero and martyr much like Al Qaeda considers the airplane hijackers of 9/11 to be heroes and martyrs. The only difference is that the latter were successful.

Republican beliefs about the election and their coup attempt in general are lunacy as a matter of course. Despite what any media and political hacks may intimate, there is no difference between the "fringe" conspiracy mongers and the so-called mainstream of the Republican Party. When it comes to Republicans, fringe and mainstream are one in the same. You are only fooling yourself if you think any different and the RNC is counting on that.

Depending on which poll you see, anywhere from 66% to nearly 80% of all republicans still believe Trump's Big Lie and have no problem declaring that they think Joe Biden was not the real winner of last year's election. The poll percentages of lunacy get even higher the more the persons polled use FOX and OAN as their only news sources. They believe Biden cheated despite all of the debunked wacko conspiracies their wacko brains can come up with. They delusionally still believe this nearly a year after election day and there's no telling how many of them still believe their guy is about to be reinstated by some edict from the Supreme Court or Tucker Carlson himself. Sadly, anytime a conspiracy is debunked, they will all tell you that the debunking itself is "obviously part of the conspiracy." That's how the Republican Mind Hive works. Just go to Dealey Plaza and ask the goons that are still waiting there for the return of JFK and JFK Jr. so one or maybe even both of them can lead Trump back to the White House. Better yet, save yourself the airfare and just call up any Republican member of Congress. They and the goons who work for them will tell you. Man, will they tell you! And tell you! And tell you! Just like they have been for the last year.

When it comes to tonight's meme, it all boils down to this: Police and security agents who obey their oaths to protect members of Congress are not members of a cult. Those who challenged them on 1/6 and threaten them and their loved ones to this day are. For Republicans, Kyle Rittenhouse is a reflection of their nazi domestic terror ethos. They have made it clear that, to them, any member of their cult can murder any non-member at any time for any reason whatsoever or even no reason at all. Had, Ashli Babbit and the terrorist mob she was part of succeeded in killing Pence, Pelosi, AOC, and others, she would be a cherished hero of the Republican Party every bit as much as Kyle Rittenhouse, even more so.

If you thought 2021 was insane, you ain't seen nothin' yet. The Nazis are already uping their game.