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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Kids Are Often Smarter Than Adults

by Noah Or, to put it another way, too many adults are not smarter than a 5th grader. Case in point: 2021 was the year of Critical Race Theory. CRT is a total nothing burger that the professional mind manipulation circuit of Trump's Nazi Party used to rile up the rubes of suburbia in 2021. Surprise, surprise! It worked! It worked most notably in Virginia where the non-existent problem of Critical Race Theory got more than enough racially paranoid suburban knuckle-draggers to the polls to elect Glenn Youngkin, another in a long line of racist governors from both parties. It helped the repugs that the Democratic Party ran with tired old Clintonian Terry McAuliffe, a suspect man on multiple levels whose sell-by date was long expired, but Democrat leaders, stuck in the 1980s and being what they are, viewed him as a nice "safe" status quo candidate. The fact that CRT is not taught in the nation's elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools never dawned on Virginia voters. In fact, you can ask any random republican anywhere and they will swear to you that it is. They'll even stormtroop into local school board meetings, demand an end to it being taught in their town, and, of course, physically threaten the board members, which is something Republicans call "communication skills." The whole CRT idiocy of 2021 is just one further example of how the parents of way too many American school kids went into total freak out mode at the sight of Barack Obama in the White House. Imagine if they cared even half as much about the potential for gun violence in their kid's school. That will never happen because race matters to them more than shots being fired in the school. Imagine how totally fucked up you have to be to get to that point. Expect more of the Youngkin CRT fear approach this year all across the country. Think of him as a new George Wallace standing in the school doorway. Yep, he's the perfect role model for today's Repugs in every town of America. Lastly, there's a reason why the party that equates Nazis with "very fine people" adopted the slogan "America First" and here it is, a throwback to a time, a time before Nixon, when it was the southern Democrat types who were the virulent racists:

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