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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Joe Manchin, Plague # 11

by Noah

Can we shoot him off into space now?

It wasn't enough for sadistic Joe Manchin to block meanignful gun reforms for years and vote no on codifying abortion rights. Last week, he had to vote to burn down the world and make himself the poster boy for as much death and human misery as he can bring about, and he did it all out of personal greed and obvious malevolence. Joe Manchin didn't invent the brutal crisis of climate change. He just adopted it like some people adopt a highway or a grove of trees. I can't imagine living in West Virginia surrounded by people who either like him just fine or think he isn't destructive enough. There is no rational middle ground.

As I write this in NYC at 10 o'clock on Tuesday night, the temperature is close to 90 degrees with a daily high of at least 95 forecast for the next week. Everything outside is literally radiating heat back at our faces and the power company infrastructure is straining. Two-Thirds of the population of this country is living under a similar hammer. Over in England, it's 103 and, day after day, they are experiencing temperatures that they have literally never experienced. Throughout Europe, record numbers of people are dying, train rails are buckling, and highways and airport runways are literally melting and woodlands are bursting into flame while the sadist from West Virginia laughs in his air-conditioned yacht on the Potomac and cheers it all on, having done everything he can to make it even worse asap.

We should name this current heatwave after Joe Manchin. Heatwave Manchin. Ditto for the next F5 tornado and the now inevitable wave of category 5 hurricanes. Psychopath that he is, Manchin will be proud. In fact, all heatwaves as bad as what's going on right now should be named just like hurricanes. Sadly, after Manchin, there are plenty of names but he has worked so hard to reach the top we should give him his due. He's earned it. Hang it around his neck.



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