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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Jim Jordan, A Man Who 'Likes To Watch'

by Noah We all know Republicans are insane sociopaths. Why else did they put a perv like Ohio Rep. Jordan in a position where he became one of their lead voices and public faces? Republicans are happy to have Gym Jordan speak for them because they like what he has to say. They even consider him "presidential material" and, of course, so does he. When a Republican looks in the mirror, they always see some freak like Jordan, "Ted" Cruz, Marjorie Traitor Greene, Moscow Mitch, or The Orange Menace To Society himself. Republicans are furious that their Dear Leader has been indicted in New York, so much so that today is the day that Gym Jordan, aka Jim "I Like To Watch" Jordan, will nonsensically be wasting our tax dollars to take a bunch of his fellow congressional goons to NYC and hold a ridiculous stunt hearing in there to attack District Attorney Alvin Bragg for being, in his words, "Pro-Crime," never mind that the stone cold fact is that several Ohio cities and his own district in Ohio have a higher crime rate than Manhattan. Rep. Jordan says Alvin Bragg does nothing about crime yet he is the cretinous perv who stood by and did nothing when he knew about the sexual abuse of wrestlers at Ohio State. Yep, he likes to watch.



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