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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Ivanka Shows Up?

by Noah $2 Billion in Saudi cash doesn't always buy you out of everything: Rumor has it that something called an Ivanka is finally going to deign to testify at her hubbydad's fraud trial tomorrow. It regards this appearance as a real hardship since it's a school week and, omg, who will watch over her litter, etc. This after she took time off last week to leave them at home with the Nanny Battalion to go to some Kardashian asswipe's birthday party. Oh well, I'm sure Ms. Ivanka thingie has now had enough time to get her weekly botox treatments, her nails and hair done, and found just the right custom outfit to wear. Damn, all the decisions this wacko pinhead has to make just to go out in public. Life is so damn hard! What if it rains!!! Just having the right shoes delivered to her door probably took at least three weeks and how much you wanna bet ol' hubbydad instructed her to do a Sharon Stone thing on the witness stand. He'll even have a t-shirt made.



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