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Midnight Meme Of The Day! It's The Non-Stop Verbal Vomit From Republicans, Stupid!

by Noah Here's former Trump owned and operated Attorney General William Barr on Sunday's Face The Nation engaged in his own "I'm Not A Traitor Like My Former Boss" media tour. It's pathetic and it's heinous beyond all possible belief. "Trump’s conduct is indefensible… Should we [the GOP] be putting someone like this forward as the leader of the country, leader of the free world, who’s engaged in this kind of conduct? This is not just an isolated example… The fact of the matter is, he is a consummate narcissist and he constantly engages in reckless conduct that puts his political followers at risk and the conservative and Republican agenda at risk. He will always put his own interests and gratifying his own ego ahead of everything else, including the country’s interests; there’s no question about it." Jeez, that sounds a lot different from when he successfully altered the perception of the Mueller Report by telling America and the world the Mueller Report included "no there, there" regarding the Russia investigation before the report even came out. He sure had no problem defending Trump then, did he. And now, ain't it funny how much what he said on Sunday's Face The Nation also sounds like this warning Rep. Adam Schiff gave as he summed up the first impeachment of the man whose boots Barr licked all that time. We must say enough— enough! He has betrayed our national security, and he will do so again. Being rational, I have to say that I've always found the words of Republican traitor filth like Barr sickening ever since high school but maybe it's just that I've gone from banging my head against the wall everytime I hear the Niagara of Repug vomit spew that they blast out of their mouths to feeling I'd better just get in the shower and see if I can wash that stinky film of putrid right down the drain. Call it a more mature response. The most sickening example of Republican speak for me right now is precisely the kind of crap like in the above Barr quote that we're hearing from the likes of not only William Barr, but Chris Christie, too. It is not just the usual endemic racism, misogyny, religious nuttery, homophobia, etc., etc. that goes with being a Nazi lover. It's also not just the endless parade of republican asswipes constantly telling you what you can read or wear and all that. All that is in the usual GOP genome, but, as I sit down to write this, the two-headed freakshow of William Barr and Chris Christie, after all the damage they've each personally done to this country with their years of being Traitor Don's co-conspirators, is something for which there are no suitable words. Barr and Christie now say their boy has been a very bad man, a bad, bad, very bad man; as if we're supposed to suddenly let them back into our good graces for their sudden speaking of the truth after all their nihilism, lying and treachery. They knew what their boy Trump was and they went right along with it. They dove right in because, at the end of the day, they are little different then the psychotic they have worshiped. The ship of forgiveness sailed long ago, way before the words Trump and president ever appeared in the same sentence, in fact. So why cut those two oily, gooey, morally grotesque Jabba The Hutts any slack? I mean, it's like if Benedict Arnold had decided he would ask to be allowed to come back and live peacefully in America after the Revolutionary War and saw nothing wrong with the request. As far as I can see (and, yes, I know it will fall on the deaf ears of judicial and political morons of every stripe), the real question should be whether or not Barr, Christie, and other prominent Trump accomplices should be deported and forced to live out their days in exile on a slowly melting iceberg. And that would be a generous solution. Or, why bang your head when there are so many more deserving heads.


Jesse Salisbury
Jesse Salisbury
Jun 24, 2023

we need to recognize their strategies and go on the attack .

The trump tirade has replaced the gish gallop and everyone is working from the same playbook. i think Jon Stewart put it in a context that everyone could understand. WELCOME TO SHIT MOUNTAIN - THEY ARE BURYING US IN SHIT . in the time it takes us to debunk their lies , we have managed to bore the crowd to death and they have already told ten more lies. (its easy to create chaos but hard to clean up the mess) thats why Trump is the Chaos king. he lies effortlessly and very strongly.

Kennedy is good at pumping out the propaganda too. he is going to b…


Jun 21, 2023

"We must say enough— enough! He has betrayed our national security, and he will do so again." -- adam $chiff

what is always left unsaid but correctly presumed is that whichever nazi he is talking about will do so again BECAUSE... your democraps will let them. Nixon, reagan, hw, cheney, trump all committed treasons that affected national security (and caused wars to start or to not end, killing 10s of thousands of our own and maybe millions of others). In fact, one can say with considerable confidence that your democraps will WANT them to do so... NEED to do so. You think $chiff is going to run for $enate on his own (dearth of) accomplishments? on his own party's REF…

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