• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! It's Happening In Front Of Our Eyes!

by Noah

I remember back in 2000 when the Bush Crime Family, aided by our Supreme Court, eagerly corrupted by politics, stole the presidency and did it with no meaningful resistance from the Democratic Party. Money probably changed hands as it often does with bagmen and judges. Al Gore might as well have sent them an engraved invitation.

I remember when Bush and Cheney then let down our guard and all but invited the 9/11 disaster. I remember how they then got the support of both parties for a tragic and unnecessary war in Iraq. No doubt they did it with a lot of money from Big Oil flowing into the pockets of nearly every two-legged jackass in Washington, DC. Man, that's quite a large herd of jackasses!

I remember a phrase from my 1960s adolescence: "It can't happen here." It was the Nixon time, and yeah, it could. Hell, the conservative thoughts and powers behind Nixon shot down Martin Luther King and not one but two Kennedy brothers. The conservative element has always striven to be a party of domestic terrorism. Throw in Medgar Evers, 3 murdered civil rights workers buried in a Mississippi dam, The 4 murders at Kent State with every republican in the state from Governor Rhodes on down chanting for "4 more," even flashing 4 fingers from their car windows as they drove by. Yep, a party of domestic terrorists. I remember the similar murders at Jackson State, too, even though the conservative corporate media would have us forget. And I remember more, lots more, including how Nixon prolonged a war by outright, unpunished treason. That resulted in 50,000 more American casualties and 1,000,000 more Vietnamese casualties.

I remember those first days of Dubya Bush when a scumbag called Karl Rove told us flat out that Republicans would make their own reality and it was our job just to watch and be amazed. It was no surprise to me. I'd seen the killings at Kent State and Jackson state after both Nixon and Agnew spoke of "getting rid of the bad apples" and Repug Icon Reagan, just shortly before, had called for a bloodbath against demonstators on college campuses. The Bush Crime Family affectionately called Karl Rove "Turd Blossom" because he could grow their nihilistic flowers out of a putrid pile of shit on the ground. That, in fact, is as good as any definition and explanation of the modern Republican Party. For republicans, domestic terrorism is as American as apple pie. Yes, there will be more goons mailing out pipe bombs, traveling around in more vans encrusted with FOX "News" stickers to deliver them.

We tolerated all of this. That tolerance was seen in the minds of the jackass herd as encouragement for more and more and more, from both parties, yes, but with greater enthusiasm and more twisted agenda-mongering and political artistry from one. Bottom line: the same end result every time. More and more turd blossoms. Fields and fields of 'em as far as the eye can see. Who needs amber waves of grain when the jackasses will give you those fields and fields of manure that grow their poisonous flowers so well. Call it "Gardening For Fascim 101." I'm writing this on June 4th. Who knows what we'll see on July 4th.

So now, because all America did was shrug, we have Trumpism. Nixon got pardoned by a winking traitor named Gerald Ford when he should have been tried and executed for his treason involving the Paris Peace Accords. Same with the war criminal Kissinger. Same with Reagan and Poppy Bush for Iran Contra. Bill Clinton shrugged. Dubya and Cheney, or was it Cheney and Dubya? Mr. Nicey-Nice Barack Obama saw that as his turn to shrug. He might as well have said "Call me Gerald Ford." No one wants to see an ex-President in jail. Oh, yeah, sez who? Not me. I have a list!!! Instead, we have "War crimes, s'more crimes. Let's make more crimes."

We've gone through the perils of it all to get here. We even tolerated the inane gibberish of Sarah Palin who couldn't identify the individual so-called United States on a map but claimed she could see Russia from her house. We've seen the sociopathic Mittens Romney cynically adapting Reagan's fake "welfare queens" idiocy and turning it into his own racist diatribes about black people just wanting "free stuff." Tens of millions of Americans voted for his brand of racism. Fortunately, not enough did. They saved that for Trump four years later.

We've seen the incessant white nationalism of the foreign-owned FOX GOP-TV. We tolerated that, too. Repugs flock to it like some sort of flying maggots that feast on its rot. "Honey, Sean's on! Time for our nightly brainwashing!"

We've tolerated it all and now we have the inevitable result. We have over 70,000,000 Americas who took one look at a clearly mentally ill orange freak who spouted endless racism, hate, and the rest of the usual conservative motifs and said "That's for me!" if only because he hated and feared the same things and people they did. They saw a man who legitimized their bigotries and gave a prominent voice to them, and they won't let go. They are the conned and addicted. He believes and now they believe that he will be reinstalled in the White House in August. They believe wishes come true. More to the point, just like Scumbag Karl Rove, they believe you can dream up your own delusional reality and force everyone else to live in it. Maybe you can if your victims just shrug and do nothing. To them, he is still the president because, in his insanity, he and his propagandist say he is. He may even be so far gone that he believes he is but I doubt it. The more important thing is that his party is right there in goose-stepping lockstep with him. What happens when he isn't reinstalled in August? We should not be shocked if we see a heavily armed attempted coup that makes the republican pissing and defecating in the Capitol Building halls look like child's play. These Republican goons will go as far as we let them and we have let them for decades to the point where now we are at the brink of something that will be known to history as "The Great American Catastrophe," all because of the American penchant for being led around by assholes who cheer a country of their dreams that is ruled by a growing number of obese penis-impaired domestic terrorists that dream of making people like James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald mere tiny alsorans in our history.

Additional Thought For The Day: Joe Manchin, have you no sense of decency? Have you no sense of decency at long last?