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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Is Elon Musk's Life A Dark New Country Music Genre?

by Noah

Country Goth X-Treme? Sure, Country Goth already exists with artists like Jay Munly, Those Poor Bastards, The Swinging Steaks, and Slackeye Slim, but imagine a version of the genre with no boundaries at all! 'Round the clock listening to songs that depict what goes on in the minds and lives of slugs like Elon Musk. Songs full of people who will never know lasting love for a very good reason. A genre for the dark and desperate who despise sunlight and seem to live to be magnets for hate and whatever crap falls from the sky. Picture an alternate world Carrie who deserves the treatment she got and would have happily destroyed everything and everybody anyway. Yeah, a Carrie who builds exploding spaceships and puts people in cars that amount to 4-wheel bonfires without a care. God knows what was in the trunk.

Do you doubt that something's very wrong with Musk? Consider this: How psychopathic do you have to be to put a car on the market knowing it has a faulty auto pilot system? Spaceships? Cars? Good thing he's not building our airplanes!!! But wait, there's more! The song source material may be endless! There's the stories of his "troubled relationship" with his father who reportedly fathered not just one but two children with a stepdaughter, his reinstating of Trump and seemingly every other Nazi and white supremacist back to Twitter or whatever he's calling it for now, personality shifts that reek of bipolar illness, and, so much more. Hell, if enough people like Elon Musk made music, it could result in a top country radio format, jam packed with records by wackos just like him. That's pretty much what his so-called X is now anyway! Now imagine this-

You're listening to 98.6 The Slab, Non-stop songs of death, doom, and destruction. All with a country tinge!!!


1 Comment

Nov 28, 2023

If you add in the ultranationalism and religion, isn't country music already like that?

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