• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Inflation By Design

by Noah

And don't forget that when corporations raise prices and claim they're "doing it because of inflation," they then embrace inflation as an excuse not to raise wages. In other words, CEOs would rather raise profits than wages. What a shocker! Jeez, next thing ya know, they'll be whining about not being able to find enough employees without ever mentioning that that's because the minimum wage they are offering hasn't risen in decades and their workplaces are sadistic hellholes by design, too.

As the current corporate business model of semi-slavery and employess having to work three jobs fails, corporations will not have an epiphany and adjust their pay structures upward and make sincere attempts to make their companies attractive to job seekers. History tells us that instead they will continue to move toward adopting a system of indentured servitude, share-cropping and outright full blown slavery. The things we already hear about how amazon employees are treated and how that candle factory in Kentucky told the "employees" they could not leave to escape the oncoming tornado are already becoming more and more commonplace than ever before. They are just the beginning. This is why CEOs buy every key politician they can.