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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Hunter Biden's Laptop is...

by Noah

I doubt that Hunter Biden is my kind of guy, but I can honestly say that about most of humanity. That said, "Hunter Biden's Laptop" is the brand new, nice and shiny "But Her Emails." Or, is it the newest birth certificate frenzy? I can't wait 'til Donnie Traitor goes on FOX & Fiends and says, "My people are looking at it and you won't believe what they are finding. In fact, his laptop was manufactured in Chyy-nah!" I expect it since he's already asked his pal Putin for help in getting the goods on Hunter. That request alone tells me that, no matter what the corporate media hacks may say, the Grand Old Party of Cocaine Orgy freaks has nothing on Biden the Younger that can stick unless or until they take over all branches of government and manage to create some sort of fetid gooey stew that will. I know they look forward to that day when they can spend millions of our tax dollars on meaningless theater towards that goal rather than make the lives of average Americans better. Imagine a whole party of Pillow Guy types who have no problem with a Dear Leader who stole a truckload of Top Secret documents, saying they have "proof" of nefarious Hunter Biden activities every day for the next 5 years. That's the Republican Party in a nutshell; a party of Pillow Guys.


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05 Απρ 2022

a party of insane evil, yes. but in a "democracy", when insane evil shows up and the 'better angels' don't... or can't... guess what...

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