• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Hey Mitch, How Many Americans Died 'Cause Of That Bag Of Money?

by Noah

That bag of money in your pocket, Mitch. That bag of money from your Russian masters, nice and laundered by the NRA, then dispersed to your GOP comrades in the United States $enate. Fuck you Mitch! If only you really could burn in Hell! Even Sandy Hook never bothered you at all. You are a lifelong accessory to murder. All of your kind are, Romney, Cruz, Cornyn, the whole lot of them. 10 African-Americans die in a hail of bullets. Then, 18 little kids and a teacher! And what do you do, Moscow Mitch? You go home, you take out that fresh bag of money, pour yourself a drink and you smile. You grin. You know there is no god.

Make no mistake, as this latest mass killing of elementary school kids and the recent Buffalo mass killing of 10 African-Americans shows, Republicans have made a career of trading the lives of Americans for campaign contributions (aka bribes) from the NRA and the monsters who they work with. It's a status quo they will fight to keep at the expense of your life.

Oh, and by the way, "Ted" Cruz has cynically offered his "thoughts and prayers" and Texas Governor Greg Abbott is scheduled to speak at the NRA's annual celebration of death and mayhem in Houston this Saturday, but more on them later.