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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Hey, Ghislaine! Time To Spill The Beans!

by Noah I bet a lot of people in Congress are getting more and more nervous by the day, worried that Ghislaine Maxwell might get to spill the beans. Imagine the kind of mind that is pondering right now whether their treason will be perceived as worse than their pedophilia? No, the traitors and pervs are worse than that. Congress is full of more people than ever who see nothing wrong with either, just like the people who endorsed them with their vote and dishonor those who fought for the right to vote in the first place. Meanwhile, can we please have a front page publication, in every major newspaper and on every TV news channel (Yeah, I know FOX would never do it), of a nice list of all the political, banking, and corporate world figures who ever flew to Epstein's Island? Don't forget the clergy! We already know names from various parties and walks of life but having all of them in one handy reference would make a nice poster. Don't worry readers, I'm not holding my breath. You can bet that even as you read this, on a holiday no less, banksters are transferring more money into offshore accounts of the people they own and operate (while telling us who not to vote for) in Washington and every state in the country. They've been doing it for years, especially since Epstein got arrested. Calls are being placed and threats are being made at anyone who has the potential to rip this whole thing wide open. It is said that money doesn't talk, it swears but it also buys silence, too.

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