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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Haley Pulls Out Of The GOP President For Life Race!

by Noah

So winning Vermont on Tuesday wasn't enough and Nikkki 3 Ks Haley has pulled out of the race for her Nazi Party's President for Life nomination. OK, I'll use the polite term: She has "suspended" her campaign. In the end, Nikkki's brand of kinder-gentler racism just doesn't work with Republican voters. The racism is there. She made sure to show it but Republican voters want full bore screaming 24/7 real deal racism and bigotry, bigotry of all kinds, and their Dear Leader Orange Menace To Society provides that bigly. Why vote for the imitation when you can vote for the original? Nikkki failed to preach her endemic Republican hate loudly and proudly enough. Maybe if she'd put orange goo all over her face and wrapped her arms around a big Confederate flag and kissed it, she'd still be in the race today. She also needed to double down on her traitor bona-fides but she didn't. Apparently, she felt that just being a Republican made that understood. Yeah, it does, but it's something Republicans long to see and hear. To them, it's like a 3-year-old wanting to hear the same bedtime story every damn night. Maybe she could have worn a nice Russian flag pant suit, too. And, maybe if she'd been found to be a rapist somewhere along the way she'd have gotten more support. This is the kind of thing Republican voters want. 

But here's something she did that was relatively smart. Her getting out after the Super Tuesday loses prevents her from really pissing off her party. The same, more tepid and subtle expressions that her personality allows for also lead her to not burn all the bridges with the Republican hierarchy and Republican voters. She knows they may need to turn to someone other than the orange menace some day, especially if he does a huge mental or physical crackup in a large public setting. Although, I have to say, you and I know, most Republicans would vote for their beloved Traitor even if he was a corpse and his head was covered with more flies laying their eggs than Mike Pence ever dreamed of.


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07 mars

Not a single thought that, just like Bernie served the purpose of keeping progressives interested (barely) in a party that hates them, Nikki was serving the purpose of keeping the boilerplate corporate whore conservatives interested in a party that hates THEM almost as much as they hate blacks, jews, latins, asians, women, LGBTQs, born kids, the elderly and the poor?

The numbers show that those corporate conservative voters are either assimilated by the nazis or they will be voting democrap (they fit better in that party anyway) in our last election.

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