• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Guns & White Privilege

by Noah

Never forget, when Republicans talk about a "good guy with a gun," they mean a good white guy with a gun. No one else need apply. And obviously white guy vigilantes with guns are even more preferable. In the Republican mind, they get extra points. They are, as we have seen in the Rittenhouse case, extra cause for hero worship in their party of domestic terror.

House Minority Leader Kevin McQarthy's protege, Marjorie Traitor Greene and her loathsome collegues have announced they want to give Kyle Rittenhouse a Congressional Gold Medal. These are the same goons who voted against giving medals to the very police who protected the lives of their colleagues on 1/6. To me, that's very telling. It says they felt they had nothing to fear from the white supremacist mob they had at the very least encouraged. It's easy to surmise that their vote against the police was an act of resentment.

So, what's next from the likes of Kevin McQarthy and his pro-terror pals? Perhaps a posthumous medal for James Earl Ray? Maybe one for John Wilkes Booth? They all agree, every single one of them, that Rittenhouse should get the medal or they would have said otherwise. They can see him doing a kind of "Gold Medal Murder Tour" and showing up at all of their rallies wearing it around his neck like some sort of white supremacist Flavor Flav. Tucker Tiki Torch of FQX already gave Rittenhouse a grotesque hour of prime time TV to tell his concocted side of the story. Too bad Kylewasn't hooked up to a lie detector so we could watch that needle dance. "We're gonna need more ink! Lots more!" It was total KKK TV.

The followers of Trump, FQX News, McConnell, McCarthy, and the rest of the RNC are now openly all in on vigilantism in the service of their Nazi goals. We've gone from police murdering black people in cold blood, Republican voters sending anthrax and pipebombs to prominent democrats, to the attempted kiddnapping of a VP and a hunt for those on their wish list, to Republican Party approved and encouraged domestic terrorists shooting protestors in the street. When previous nazi icons like Agnew, Nixon, and Reagan called for bloodbaths on college campuses they were deified by Republicans and blood was spilled. Now, it's 17 year old kids like Kyle Rittenhouse receiving the message and embarking on the dirty work. To the Domestic Terror Party, Kyle Rittenhouse is the epitome of "a good guy with a gun." The only questions now are, what's next and who's next? Somewhere out there right now, is a sicko who envisions himself outdoing Rittenhouse and getting a gold medal and an invitation to the State Of The Union address of the next Republican president where he expects a standing ovation and a post speech interview on Hannity.