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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Guess Who's Coming To The Supreme Court

by Noah

Damn, there's nothing like indulging yourself in extreme cancel culture and directing it at someone before you even know their name! Give yourselves a prize, Repugs! Set your crosses alight! Trying to cancel a whole race. Now that's what I call N-A-Z-I.

During the 2020 campaign, President Biden pledged to nominate an African-American woman to the Supreme Court and now the hour is at hand. It's sooo fascinating that Republicans started calling President Biden's Supreme Court nominee a beneficiary of "affirmative action" and "unqualified" the instant Justice Breyer announced his retirement. Funny how they said nothing about Ronald Reagan's promise to nominate the first female justice, Sandra Day O'Connor, back in 1980. No one even called her "unqualified" because of her lack of background in Constitutional law. Justice O'Connor was otherwise qualified but could easily have been seen as an affirmative action case if the same standards were used this time. In the mind of Republicans there's something different, something wrong. What could it be? They didn't even have an issue with Amy Coney Barrett being jammed through the confirmation process, despite her relatively short resume, 40 years later. Hmmm, I wonder what the difference might be! What has Republicans so freaked out this time?

Oh, and here's Maine $enator "Bad Beatle Wig" Collins with her take on President Biden's nominee when asked by This Week host George Stephanopoulos on Sunday to compare the nominations of Sandra Day O'Connor by Reagan and Amy Coney Barrett by Trump to that of the as yet unnamed dreaded black woman:

This isn't exactly the same.

Ooops! What a surprise. What a shocker! Not "exactly the same." Care to elaborate, Susie? Hint: Every picture tells a story! Of course, the name meant nothing to Republicans when they knew the face would be black. That's more than enough, and, oh yeah, extra nothing if the person with the black face just happens to have, uh, er, a, you know, um, lady parts! Wow, how to make a Republican feel real uncomfortable in one easy lesson. Just say the words Black and Woman. God, they get so uncomfortable so easily these days. Poor Susie Collins! Poor Moscow Mitch, poor... oh, fuck the lot of them... with a chainsaw! How fitting that I have to write this on the first day of Black History Month. Just like Moscow Mitch says African-American voters are different from American voters, Collins says an African-American justice "isn't exactly the same." Right, got you, Understood, Susie.

Here's a very short list of other racist reactions from other prominent Republican swine:

1. Missouri $enator Josh "Adolf" Hawley referred to the unnamed nominee has "hard woke left," whatever that means, and exclaimed that he hopes "Republicans are ready to stand up for the Constitution." Note to Josh; black people count as a full person now, and, we also how much you cared about the Constitution on 1/6 as you cheered on the attempted coup.

2. Ilya Shapiro of the far right Cato Institute whined by tweet that any Biden pick would be a "lesser black woman." What's next Ilya? Are ya gonna tell some Republican $enator to throw the nominee to the $enate floor and put a knee on her neck as soon as she shows up for the Judiciary Committee hearing?

3. Tomi Lahren, one of the top walking blonde jokes at FOX "News," thought she'd be as clever as her 70 IQ would let her when she not only dissed the nominee but threw some Junior High School shade at Vice President Kamala Harris at the same time by saying, "I'm sure it will be a black woman. You know his addiction to that. We saw how well that worked out with Kamala Harris." Jeez, Tomi, still bitter that that boy you had your eyes on in the 8th grade asked a black girl to the dance instead of you?

4. Also on FOX, Screamin' Jeanine Pirro put down her bottle long enough to follow Lahren's bigoted approach by saying, "You've gotta get someone who's African-American and competent and that really is the test."

5. The uber-buffoonish Sean Hannity exuded total hypocrisy and a massive lack of self-awareness when he added to the FOX racism explosion when he said, "To exclude certain candidates based solely on race and gender is beyond extremely divisive and may even be illegal."

In other words, the anticipation and fear of President Biden's nominee has driven Republicans into a state of hysteria where they can no longer even make the slightest attempt to do anything but scream their racism and misogyny from the rooftops like howling brain damaged wolves. They believe white nominees are best and know best. To them, if it's based on merit that means white and nothing but white. Anything else is some kind of affirmative action and evidence that their entire white supremacist universe is going to hell. They love that their Dear Leader Trump was the first president since Richard Nixon not to appoint even a single black judge to an appeals court and now they see the coming of a black woman to the Supreme Court. It's more than they can bear.

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