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Midnight Meme Of The Day! GOP & Putin: It's Luv, Baby!

by Noah

For all intents and purposes, Putin, the GOP, & FOX "News" is this decade's Axis of Evil. Remember when helping the enemy and spreading their propaganda used to be called sedition or treason? Now, it's just called "being a good Republican." In fact, right now in this ill world, there are more Russians standing up to Putin than Republicans. Watching Republicans saying Putin's name with adoration, envy, and reverence should define them for all time, but only if enough of us would actually pay attention for once. I've said before that if Repugs love Putin even half as much as their Dear Leader Traitor Don who lovingly says Putin is smart, savvy, and a genius, they should leave for Moscow on the next plane. One proviso, though. It's strictly one-way. Once you leave, there's no coming back.

Yeah, to be fair like I always am, I know that while most republicans are continuing to double down on their support for Vladimir Pustin, a few GOP goons are trying to drop their previous support of their Mother Russia like it's a blazing hot ball of near molten lava, Unfortunately for them, their particular problem is that they've already told us and showed us what they really are. You shouldn't get to go back on your stream of conscious utterances. They represent the real you. They represent what lies beneath any facade you might try to put on later. Yet, there they are. Some of them are even denying they ever supported Putin or welcomed his support in turn. They say "it never happened" just like they say their attempted coup at the Capitol Building "never happened" and that it was just tourists and "legitimate political discourse."

First impressions carry the most weight because things freely said when they were said without any feeling that there would, could, or should be repercussions count a ton more. For instance, Moscow Mitch McTraitor can say whatever he might say in the coming days, but, when push came to shove and he had the chance to have his Comrade Trump removed to the burn pit of history, he eagerly chose not to punish him in any way shape or form. Everything Moscow Mitch has ever said to the contrary since means nothing, nada, zippo. That includes what he said in the immediate aftermath of his party's attempted coup on 1/6. We know this because, when presented with a second chance to put a boot up Dear Leader's ass, he marshalled his $enators and doubled down. In fact, especially then because that was a perfect opportunity for him to hold his orange bossman accountable. He didn't dare, not just because he was and, by all indications remains, pro-coup and he knows who Trump's boss is, but he also knows very well who's greasing his own slimy palms with plenty of campaign rubles and who knows what else. Yeah, he just wants to "move on." Fuck you Traitor Mitch.

There are lots of reasons that the McConnells, Manaforts, Hawleys, Bannons, and McCarthy's of the political scene love Vladimir Putin and act like they're hoping to get an Order of Lenin medal from him, not the least of which is the money but we should always remember that republicans love Putin because of their mutual dreams of total autocracy and the fact that Putin helped their Dear Leader Trump gain the White House. All of the damage that that did to America means nothing to them. They could not make that any more obvious than they have by their words and actions over the last many years. They are all infiltrators and should be seen that way.

Same with the red goons at the Murdoch family's modern day Tokyo Rose Network. We can point all we want to the faces of the place like Comrades Carlson, Ingraham, and Hannity, but, come on, do you think anyone that works there is any different? If I was in charge around here, I would be inclined to confiscate their American passports but I bet some of them already have Russian ones or at least Aeroflot tickets and Russian visas packed in a GO-Bag; at least that's how they act. With apologies to Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and virtually every republican out there, here's Putin's lead voice in America and star of the state-run TV in Russia, Comrade Tucker Carlson, as if his being a White Nationalist isn't horrid enough:

Why do I care what's going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. I'm serious. And why shouldn't I root for Russia, which I am.

Yes. Now Fox And Friends defines 'friends' as Putin. No surprise there. And wait, there's more. I'll just end with this. The people who put it together aren't perfect. Who on the politics scene is, but the message is excellently done. Again, just imagine if, all the way back in 1939, the United States Of America had a FOX "News" cheering on Hitler's invasion of Poland. There's no difference.



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