Midnight Meme Of The Day! Ghislaine: Lawyers? Guns? Money? New Identity?

by Noah Ghislaine Maxwell has ninja powers of silence but you can never fully trust the nervous and paranoid. No doubt she thinks of that often. She lives, for now, but face it, if she had suddenly died in the last couple of weeks, it just might look a wee bit suspicious after her partner in pedophilia supposedly managed to hang himself in his jail cell. I like that she's still alive. It makes a lot of scumbags worry. Yeah, I bet the Queen has daydreamed the scene pictured above many, many times and we all know why. I also know it's the first thought my moral indignation steered me to when I heard Ghislaine Maxwell was in custody but, even though there's a world of Jack Ruby wannabees out there, Ghislaine lives; at least she does as I write this on on a cold night night in January. Sleep with one eye open, Ghislaine, in the bed you made.