• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! George W. Bush's Blood-Soaked Paws.

Your Saturday Cartoon:

by Noah

George W. Bush's grotesque legacy of needless murder and mayhem does not just include ignoring the warning signs of 9/11 and his orchestration of the sick bi-partisan vote to invade Iraq. Among other things, he also had a pair of bloody hands in the ending of the Assault Weapons Ban Of 1994.

I was reminded of the Assault Weapons Ban on Tuesday when the news of the slaughter of the Uvalde school children broke. Back in November of 1993, the $enate successfully passed the ban with a bi-partisan vote (!) and it was quickly signed into law by President Clinton. The bill was imperfect and full of the kind of cynical thinking and the kind of compromises with human lives that way too many politicians live to make but it was a start and it actually had some temporary positive effects when it came to the proliferation of personal weapons of mass death and destruction, incremental though they were. In short, it was at least a few toes in the door but not much more. It was a 10 year ban and it lasted until Bush came along and allowed it to sunset rather than move to improve it (God forbid!) or even renew it as is in 2004. Like a true Republican, he just preferred to watch it die. I can just hear that dry little insecure laugh of his as I write this. Oh yeah, and he's from Texas. George W. Bush has the blood of those little kids and so many more people on his hands. So does anyone who ever worked for him or with him but it was George W. Bush who failed to inspire and lead in that sorely needed instance. Bush's failure to act is one of the reasons he is now known as one of our 5 worst presidents ever. Apparently, when it comes to creating or willfully enabling death, George W. Bush is all for it and now so is his whole party.

How much did they pay you George? Was it for your re-election campaign? Was it enough for some new buildings at your fake ranch? Did you use it to buy some jewelry for your kids who never had to fear getting shot in their classrooms? Is there any offshore cash involved? How much was it George?