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Midnight Meme Of The Day! George Santos Broke The Unwritten Law Of Congress!

by Noah I find it curious that "George Santos" aka "The Creature Of A Thousand Scams aka "The Creature Of A Thousand Names" supposedly got the boot from Congress soley for his multitude of ethics violations, 23 counts and all that. But the way I see it, to his fellows, his biggest sin was not heeding the by-law of politics depicted in the above cartoon. Breaking the scam barrier was bad enough. Flaunting that while being unpopular was the final straw. They couldn't cover for him and he couldn't cover for himself. It's all very obvious and telling, if you wish to uncover your eyes, that is. "Santos" looks to be quite a belligerent and overachieving con artist and being a con artist lies at the core of politics in general. Just look at Donald Trump. He made it to the White House and may again, and half of the country and at least half of the representatives they voted for obviously want it that way. Emphasize at least! Like the corporate world I served time in, Washington is an "I'll say anything. I'll do anything for your support" environment. Washington is obviously that in spades. It is that by definition. But I guess "George's" parents never taught him the value of maintaining his popularity while going about his 6 Card Monte life. In other words, when it came to being a politician, "George Santos" was only half-baked. And now he's gone, a reverse Dionysus determined to wander about the world looking for scores; an unreal man looking to profit in a reality show of his making. Hey, it worked with "The Apprentice" guy, why not "George?"


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Dec 05, 2023

YES!! Everyone!

Your democraps are deprived of someone to campaign against in NY ... to distract the dumber than shits (after all, all the "we'll do/say/pretend anything for your vote MUST be dumber than shit to fall for the likes of kitara) from the fact that they ACTUALLY *DO* NOTHING useful.

As for trump, same thing. Couldn't put him in prison or stand him up against a wall for 2 years or they would deprive their rusty anvil of his best chance to fail to lose.

But if you keep a hitler alive (*), he MAY come back and kill YOU.

(*) Hitler, you prolly don't know, was tried and convicted of insurrection/treason but was not executed. His prison tim…

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