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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Gas Prices Reveal The Republican Mind

by Noah

Your Saturday Cartoon!

Presidents don't set gas prices but this was sooo easy to predict: Republican goonies blaming President Biden for how much it costs to fill the gas tank of the gas guzzling vehicle they freely chose to buy. They also buy into the far right propaganda of FOX "News" and the like just like the people in Russia are buying into Putin's propaganda that there is no war in Ukraine. If the ignoramooses who are blaming Biden for their gas costs lived in Russia right now, they'd be all in on supporting whatever Putin says and does, and why wouldn't they, since they've done it right here for years, at the direction of FOX and the rest of the nihilistic nazi media. And don't let me forget MSNBC's buffonish in-house nazi lover, Chuck Todd either. Special shout out to you, Chucky!

OK, so these fools and idiots have bought into the fake reasons that gas prices are so high because of the non-stop flow rancid pablum that right wing media passes on to them from Putin's troll farms. They embrace their personal status as tools. We already know that they'd jump into the retainment ponds at Chernobyl if Putin or his asset Trump told them to. They'd do it even if it wasn't presented to them as a way to treat COVID. They aim to please. "Hey kids! This is even better than drinking Clorox! Trust us!"

According to Senator Bernie Sanders, oil company profits are up, up, up in the last year! Chevron is up 84%. Exxon is up 57%. Shell is up 49%, and poor suffering BP saw its profits only rise 45% last year. So, what does Big Oil do? They raise our gas prices, not the president, and they are using half of their profits to buy back stock shares while they gouge us all at the pump. Blame them. They're the real government anyway!

One of the things I find interesting and head smacking amazing about these grotesque caricatures of human thought who are whining about democrats raising gas prices is that they put on their stupid little red MAGA hats and so strongly protest socialism and even get glassy eyed at the mere mention of the word but they have no problem, none whatsoever, with the real culprits as mentioned above; the oil companies that are routinely subsidized by socialistic subsidy payments that come straight from our tax dollars. Apparently, that socialism is just fine with the whiners just as the socialism that builds and maintains the roads they drive on. Now, there's some real critical thinking for ya. These people are imbeciles and they enjoy demonstrating it over and over again. It's just like how they won't wear a mask because they don't give a damn if they make someone else sick or not. For them, it's all about me, me, me. Hell, if gas has to shoot past $10.00 a gallon if it means Ukraine can be saved from their Guru Putin, I'm more than fine with that idea.

Imagine how these people would bitch if you could send them back in time to the 1940s when gas prices rose due to the war that was going on in Europe then. Same thing: "Me, Me, Me, and to hell with all those people trying to flee the conflagration." That's the Republican "I Got Mine" mindset in action. Nobody else matters. Ask me if I care if they get their knickers in a twist because I call them what they are. These goons are gone, stone crazy. There ain't no talking to them. They aren't coming back to sanity. They should be put on an island like the mental lepers that they are. Shunning! That's the ticket! Hopefully, it's a volcanic island. I guarantee you that, within a month, they will have invented a volcano god that needs to be appeased and they will appease their newly created god until there's no one left at all. It's the republican way! Amen!

Parting Shot: I'd happily pay $15.00 a gallon if I was, in a far better, more fair and reasonable world, given a permit that said I could hitch Moscow Mitch McConnovich up to the rear bumper of my car and drag him all the way around the Washington Beltway 10 times. "Hang on Mitch! Gonna be a bumpy ride!" Fun, fun fun 'til daddy takes the T-Bird away! Whadaya say?


1 Comment

Mar 14, 2022

gas prices reveal the nazi mind ... because the democraps have been so useful in exposing the corporate gouging? the media perhaps? Do you believe that gas prices will cause ANYONE to lose an election that wasn't already going to lose?

What the failure/refusal/inability of americans to understand about gas prices reveals, far more than anything, is that americans are dumber than shit.

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