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Midnight Meme Of The Day! For Republicans, Jim Crow Was Never Going To Be Enough

by Noah

That's a well-guarded Ruby Bridges above, the first African-American to integrate an elementary school in the South. She is still very much with us and you can read about her at this link.

Here we are in 2023 as Republicans are doubling down on their efforts to turn back the clock. First, Republicans are bringing back the Jim Crow of the old Dixiecrat South and doing everything they can to spread that evil nationwide. Then, it's their incessant bitching and whining about the truth or our sordid history of desegregation violence and our even more heinous history of slavery even so much as being mentioned in our schools, libraries, or anywhere else. Now they are going one better on that one. They say that yes, slavery actually did once exist within our borders but it was "a beneficial slavery." You know, like a certain Republican goon that goes by the name of Dubya would have said, "A kinder, gentler, kind of slavery." Really, these people are so over the top with all their endless bigotries.

Packing Africans bound in chains into rat-infested ship holds for weeks and weeks on end, breaking up their families, selling them, endless beatings and rapings... Yeah, that's real beneficial. Smiley, happy GOP faces all around! They say some of them even learned some work skills. Yeah, like they couldn't have ever learned or never did learn any skills where they came from. Ah, but what else would you expect from a bunch or nazi-loving assholes who think things like healthcare, clean, lead-free water, and at least a minimum wage are bad, bad, marxist, commie things.

Why, next thing ya know, they'll start denying the Holocaust or telling us that that had a "good side," too! Oh wait. What's that you say? Another Republican Holocaust denier out of the closet just a few months ago, weeks ago, days ago? No! Say it ain't so! Arizona's Paul Gosar? How could that be!!! Surely, the voters of Arizona aren't Nazis!!! Well, yeah, obviously a ton of them are. Same at FOX "News," and I don't just mean Sean Hannity and Ilsa Ingraham. Same with those voters in Marjorie Traitor Space Laser's district, oh, and how about professional Nazi Groomer Ron DeSantis of Florida? He's blown right past George Wallace! Seems that, just like Gosar, Trump and Tucker Tiki Torch, Ron DeSantis likes reposting Nazi propaganda, too! Over and over again! Damn! What a surprise! Not!!! So, Ron, just being a total homophobe wasn't enough?

While Republicans across the land are positively beaming about their decrees that slavery was actually beneficial to African captives, I can bet you that RNC Chairnazi Ronna Romney McDanial is working on an official adoption of "Try That In A Small Town" as the theme song for her Nazi Party's 2024 Ku Klux Klown Konvention. No doubt a German language version will be available, too. The party will also commission an additional song with the working title of "Springtime For Small Towns." It'll be sung by an animatronic Hitler robot in prime time on FOX.



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