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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Entitlement & White Privilege Personified

by Noah

Some daddy's little racist princess is going to jail. Did nothing wrong, Jenna? Yeah, I'm sure every Trump-loving traitor and white supremacist in the land would agree with you and I'm sure certain Nazi meida outlets will be taking up your cause very soon.

I'd like to think little missy Jenna Ryan might learn something in her upcoming way too brief stay in jail but anyone dumb and clueless enough to do and say what she did is most likely impervious to learning. But, of course, she's a Republican and they have amply demonstrated that they think there should be no cost for supporting a treasonous president who tried to overthrow the country; no cost for being a traitor. Her kind used to be put in front of a wall, offered a blindfold and shot. I guess you could say she's lucky we became that permissive society that conservatives always whine about. Irony? What irony?

Jenna, what a despicable twit you are. You'd be a walking blonde joke if you weren't such a tool of evil. Your sense of entitlement based on your overflowing white privilege is not a get out of jail free card but, in a sense, your ugly statement above is partially correct. Your white privilege has gotten you a sentence so light that it's a total travesty. 60 days? You deserve 60 years, if not that firing squad. I'm guessing that, if you hadn't gotten any sentence at all, you would see it as even more permissible for you to go try to beat some cops to death all by yourself instead of with your mob of terrorist pals. 60 days. I bet you spend 59 of them throwing extended tantrums and hissy fits. Then you'll get out and present yourself as some sort of 10-cent hero. I'd love it if you ended up caged in a real jail like Jeffrey Dahmer did. I'd love a tape of you whining and bitching about the accommodations, the food, the clothes you're forced to wear, your roommates, what they did to your hair, all the brown people. All of it. Can I request a Jenna-Cam?

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