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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Dr. Evil Buys Twitter?

by Noah

No, not Putin, the other one. Elon Musk appears determined to be perceived as the Dr. Evil of corporate CEOs. Putin is the Dr. Evil of the political world. Don't worry, they both have lots of competition.

FOX "News" has been touting Elon Musk as the modern day Leonardo da Vinci. They're ecstatic that he's bought Twitter. They're dreaming of Traitor Don's account being restored. They love Elon Musk. Hey, they might as well kiss his ass in preparation for the day he buys them as well! Anyway, the da Vinci comparison: Yeah, right, and in case you didn't already know it, I'm a splendid combo of Albert Einstein and Salvador Dali who once hit a baseball further than Mickey Mantle.

Musk is no da Vinci. He hasn't invented anything and we've seen no evidence that he can even draw, let alone paint. He's hired engineers and technicians that use existing technologies and tweak them into greater usefulness but Musk has invented nothing, nada. I'll give him credit for something, though. He's taken in massive amounts of government handouts of our tax dollars and benefited hugely from the Trump-Ryan Tax Scam of 2017. In short, he's not only the richest bitch in the world, he's also the Number One Socialist. That's his talent. Good for him.

What would you do with $44,000,000,000? He gets in a snit fit because people say not so nice things about him on twitter and goes and buys the platform, saying he's doing it in the interest of promoting "free speech." How's that for a tantrum of irony?

Oh, and maybe Elon wanted to put a stop to people posting that photo of him and Ghislaine Maxwell taken at the Oscars back in 2014. He insists that she photo bombed him, but, like I said, yeah right. Maybe someday I'll post a lovely picture of me having tea with Queen Elizabeth, the first one. And, now a further word about how the piggiest pigs may continue to take advantage of their massive corporate welfare. This week, it's Elon Musk buying twitter. How long before he, or people like him, start buying all of the news and information outlets and combine them all into one, one that only presents the world as they insist we see it; one giant Goebbels Big Brother Dispensary. We're going to need a new word for consolidation, and then the use of that word will be utterly banned and Book Burnfests will be held weekly (Looks like Texas wants to lead the way!). "Fahrenheit 451" baby! Just a week or so ago, Discovery bought CNN, HBO, and Warner Bros. Newspeak for all! This was always the goal of those who got behind the Trump-Ryan Tax Scam, both the politicians that supported it in Congress and the CEO pigs that paid those same politicians to pass the law, promising them increased kickbacks of "campaign contributions." It's always been going in this direction but Trump-Ryan kicked it into a higher gear, like putting greed on a billionaire's rocket and launching it into unknown dimensions of space and time. 1984 meet 2024.



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