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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Don't Reason! Just Obey!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

I'm proud to admit that I had never heard of Joyce Meyer until I happened upon the above. I suppose that's because I have led an exemplary life and have been blessed with a radar that helps me avoid unintended encounters with the insane.

Joyce Meyer claims to be some sort of Charismatic Christian. She really is against all reasoning. That's such a key to religion but she's majorly extreme on the subject. Her ministry is based in some god-forsaken place called Missouri. I went there once. Fastest I ever drove without stopping. Then I found myself in Kansas.

Just look at this joyless, dead-eyed husk of a woman! I looked her up. This is a woman who hears voices in her head. More recent pictures of her remind me of a certain Twilight Zone episode that centers around fitting in through the wonders of extreme plastic surgery. And, you should see the photos of her husband to whom she's been married since 1967! He looks like he just staggered in from an episode of The Walking Dead! The man is ashes, cinders! There's virtually nothing left of the guy. I guess he just didn't heed the warning signs! She even has a daily bible thingie she calls DAILY DEVO. I wonder if DEVO knows. I hope they do. Maybe they could write a song of warning about her.

"Don't Reason Just Obey!" Damn! That is sooo Republican with a capital N.A.Z.I. Look at her eyes! They look like cat's eyes to me! The vertical pupils! Satan's eyes! Rosemary's granddaughter! Crooked smile too! Be aware. Tongue of a serpent too, no doubt!

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