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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Diaper Don Trump Takes A Flier At Truth Telling!

by Noah

It's almost as if The Diaper Don has gotten really cranky because, in his sick mind, not enough people realize that he's a total psychopath.


Nobody does insane like me! That I can tell you! People are saying! Believe me!

Forget the old Trump slogan of "I Don't Care, Do You." Sure, Melania was on to something with that one but Trump's metastasizing psychosis is obvious to us normal folks. Republicans? Not so much. Now, it looks like, at long last, Donnie is upping his game. He's snapping just as I always thought he would. Will he even make it to his acceptance speech at the party convention in July? Who knows? Stay tuned! Need proof? The proof manifested itself this past weekend, not just when he denied ever saying that our dead and wounded service people are just "suckers and losers" but when he finally admitted to his sycophantic crowd in Las Vegas that he doesn't care about them he just wants their vote. I'm sure they cheered anyway. Why wouldn't they? Anyone who supports Trump is an exponentially more extreme masochist than any of the rest of us.


And here's where it will get interesting: As the chief spokesperson and Dear Leader of the Republican Party, how far will Trump go if he starts getting even more whacked out about people not having enough awareness of his psychosis? What will he do then? He's already in psychotic freefall. That's the number one qualification for joining the Republican Party to begin with. So perhaps maybe, just maybe, Traitor Don comes out on stage at one of his rallies dressed only in his leaking diaper, and a red tie around his neck, with a glock in each hand (gifts from Lauren Boebert) and opens fire on the crowd as he announces Wayne LaPierre as his VP candidate. Would it shock you? I can just see his 74,000,000 voters wildly cheering and coming to his defense just like they always do, saying, "He speaks his mind!"


Now imagine what Trump would do to the world with the nuke codes in his hands. Who knows how many times he tried to play with them when he was the so-called leader of the free world for four years. Now he's seeking to go overboard with staffers that aren't inclined to stop him at all!

Addendum: OK, just to be fair, and you know I'm always fair: What if we required, say, just for a start, 3/4s of all politicians to always wear simple white t-shirts with nice black block letters that say "I Just Want Your Vote?" Hell, I bet Lindsey Graham already has that tattooed on his ass! Right cheek, of course. At the very least; you know those little "I Voted" stickers you get when you vote? How 'bout we have "I Just Want Your Vote" stickers that we can slap on the backs of politicians as they work the crowds? Could it be that The Diaper Don has unwittingly made an actual positive contribution to society at long last?



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