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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Death Don't Have No Mercy!

by Noah

I just wanted to post the above meme tonight because, in all of the righteous anger about Roe v. Wade being overturned, I worry that people will lose sight of the fact that last week the obviously insane Talabanistas in black robes also made a ruling to encourage the concealed carry of firearms. You know, like ordinary street gangs do. Open carry is bad enough but at least when I see some Republican militia nut undergoing penis compensation therapy by wearing a double holster and an AR-15 in a grocery store, I know it makes good sense to go buy my groceries somewhere else, right after I've made that "If you see something, say something call."

Now we will have even more shootings in the streets because lunatics have permission and encouragement to walk among us with more hidden guns than ever before. Funny how the Goons On Parade membership goes on and on about street gun violence in places like Chicago because it's gang related but just watch, as soon as Republican gun worshippers start firing a few rounds off at people in the streets and then just disappearing into the crowd with their nice warn hidden guns, GOP voters and luminaries will have nothing to say about it or, if it's some goon as bad as Lauren Boebert or Tucker Tiki Torch, they will out loudly celebrate it. Frankly, Rudy Giuliani is so completely insane now, I can see him taking his hands out of his pants just long enough to shoot somebody and then try to build a new presidential campaign out of it. He'll announce his campaign at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, of course, just like Ronnie "Bloodbath" Reagan chose Philadelphia, Mississippi to announce his in recognition and celebration of the fact that 3 Civil Rights workers had been slain by the locals and buried in the town dam. Republican voters got the message and they still love him for it today even if they think he didn't go far enough.

Ah, but what about "Full Circle?" Sooner or later, some guy's wife will die because a life-saving abortion was unavailable to her because of our American Talaban. He will then be filled with grief and want revenge in some sort of modern day "Death Wish" movie scenario. He won't be the only one either.

Addendum: Just because I haven't said it yet today, Fuck You Susan Collins. You, too, Joe Manchin!

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