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Midnight Meme Of The Day! DC's Accessories After The Fact

by Noah

Yeah, we've all seen this farce before. In this case, a few buck privates of the Trump Army Of Traitors have been arrested and all we've seen them get is a slap on the wrist and a nod and a wink when life in prisonment or a Nuremberg-style hanging for treason is called for for every damn one of them. Thanks Merrick Garland, and Fuck You! These Trump goons tried to overthrow the democracy of the United States and install a demented dictator and our so-called justice system twiddles its thumbs. Certainly not the justice that the Founding Fathers would have served up. Maybe it all went wrong when Grant let the Confederate traitors of the Civil War just take their guns and go home. Treason? Hey, whatever, just go home to your families. And build some statues to your fucking Jefferson Davis and your fucking Robert E. Lee. Put on your sheets and hoods and dance around them to your heart's content. My, how things have not changed at all. Except now it's Trump, McQonnell, and McQarthy.

Higher ups, the planners of 1/6 being arrested? Any of them? Surely you jest. Not a one. Trump is out, walking free, riling up and recruiting more goofballs at his rallies so he can try again. Steve Bannon and others just pissed on the apparently toothless subpoenas from Congress; toothless only because the democrats that issued them are gutless and seemingly determined to be accessories after the fact. Bannon just laughs. It's all just a dog and pony show. The kind of thing Washington does so well. They all just laugh. Like I always say, Washington takes care of its own. Go ahead. Prove me wrong. Just once in my life, prove me wrong. You can literally shit in the halls of Congress and no one in authority will say boo.

Hey, I know. Why don't we all just choose to go around breaking every law on the books. The example has been set. You think the cops are busy now? Just wait. Washington sets the tone.

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