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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Critical Race Theory Scares The GOP Bigly!

by Noah 2021's Republicans are fighting like mad to convince the world that their Dear Leader actually won the 2020 election. After all, he stood up for the white supremacy they all embrace to one degree or another. They even cart statues of him around to their events such as the absurdly cartoonish gold one at CPAC. But, remember back in 2017 and 2018 when Republicans all got their knickers in a twist about statues of their beloved Confederate heroes being removed from public view? They said the statues represented a heritage they're proud of. They'll tell you that those who want to remove the statues are censoring history. Sooo, when they realize that the history of racism and its effects on our society, i.e. Critical Race Theory, is being taught to young people in our schools, they suddenly become feverishly for the censorship of history and want the teaching of Critical Race Theory stopped and removed from curriculums everywhere. They rightly think Critical Race Theory makes them look bad but don't think wanting to save the statues of white supremacists and segregationists does. That folks is as fine of an example or republican logic as you will find. Oh, and a fine example of how being a total racist is a top characteristic and qualification for being a Republican in good standing. And, just to make sure we know that being a racist a-hole is key to being a modern day Republican, the Republican-run legislatures and schoolboards in the nutstates of Florida and now Texas have now actually made it legal to limit the teaching of Critical Race Theory or ban it outright. Why you might say they want to cancel it! Expect more state legislatures that feature a large KKK element to follow the lead of the racist "geniuses" of Flor-i-duh. It's who they are. And now, the history of race that Republicans everywhere can get behind:



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