• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Crimes Against America

by Noah

The first attempt to bring down the World Trade Center was in February of 1993. 6 people were killed and 1000 were injured. The bombing was attempted with a massive truck bomb and it very nearly succeeded. The damage was that severe, but the nation went back to sleep. Then, on 9/11, the same people who almost succeeded before achieved their murderous goal.

Likewise, a failed coup attempt must be seen as a dress rehearsal. The countdown to the next 1/6 is well underway, encouraged by the fact that nothing of consequence has been done about the first one. A party that attempts a coup and blocks its investigation will not stop at one attempt.

Ah, but what about the other party, the one that did not stage the attempted coup? If such a party does not act quickly and assertively to investigate and gain prosecution of the traitors, and secure the harshest punishment of each and every one of those traitors, are they not accessories after the fact? Should we not realize that they are, in effect, working towards the same end?