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Midnight Meme Of The Day! COP26 Glasgow Syndrome

by Noah Stockholm Syndrome is a condition where hostages develop a deep psychological bond with their captors. There are over 500 lobbyists from energy companies at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow which comes to a close today. 200 Countries had representatives attending. 500 bagmen is a full court press if there ever was one. So many bagmen, so little time. Damn! Can you imagine the whole plane loads of hookers taking off from Glasgow International Airport to return to their homelands today? EXXON probably sent a company jet full of them in order to keep their subsidies going. I feel bad for the hookers, though. No rest for the weary. They've got work to do in our congress and the legislatures and parliaments all over the world as soon as they get home! If I was a snarky and cynical man, I would say that the most frequently asked question at the conference was not "How can we mitigate the disastrous effects of mankind on the climate?" Instead, the most frequently asked question was likely, "How much money in your pocket and hookers in your bed will it take for you to continue to play ball with us, your friendly local fossil fuel company while we incinerate the planet?" Who the hell needs Darth Vader's Death Star?

By the way, in a related matter, how interesting that Joe Manchin lives on a yacht big enough to be seaworthy. Rising sea levels ain't gonna affect him, no sirree! No wonder Joe "Coal Mine" Manchin doesn't give a damn about addressing climate change issues! More on Coal Mine Joe and also his gal pal Krysten tomorrow.

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