Midnight Meme Of The Day! Comfort Food For The Nazi Element.

by Noah I was pleased to see these posters recently appearing on subway platforms around New York City but my immediate reaction was that they were too tame and that "Comfort Food For White Supremacists" or "Comfort Food For The Nazi Element" would be more accurate. Besides, Republicans get riled up when you call them stupid but they'll wear 'Nazi' or 'White Supremacist' as a badge of honor. Still, the posters are nice to see. Naturally, and unnecessarily, many New Yorkers feel the need to whip out their sharpies and "augment" the posters in ways we can all imagine. I do find some irony in that though, being as FOX's "golden idol" is known to like to use a sharpie himself. Several years ago, I knew a couple of young people who were relatively fresh out of journalism school. They had naively jumped at the opportunity to start in their chosen field in entry level jobs at FOX "News." They soon realized their mistake and had to face the dilemma of what to do. Suffice to say, their experience was nothing like the ones I had so many years before when I had professors from the Washington Post and CBS News and interned for David Brinkley at NBC News. The two novices at FOX that I knew however were embarrassed and wondering what to do. They knew having FOX on their resume would color the perception of them but they also knew that quitting after two months might not look so good either. My advice was to stick it out for a year and make as many contacts as possible. I told them both that they needed to steel themselves, do the best job they could under the circumstances, and treat getting away from FOX while still being as professional as possible as their real job. Both succeeded and have reputable jobs today. A more upsetting thing about FOX "News" is that people watch it and that it has had such a detrimental propagandistic Goebbels-style big lie effect on our country and society. FOX "News" proudly made themselves the lead promoters of birtherism, Trump's candidacy (lead promoters other than the RNC's party apparatus and Putin himself that is), and all of the thinking that led to 1/6. Like a death cult PR firm, they also promoted the idea that COVID-19 is a hoax, and now they literally call masks "obedience masks," tell their audience not to get vaccinated and tell their audience to call the authorities if they see a child wearing a mask. That should not be surprising for a network that waged war on the very idea of healthcare, if only because it was being pushed by a black president. Now they are doubling down on fully embracing a "Jews and Blacks will not replace us" ideology of white supremacy. That is who they are. At best, FOX "News" sees America as a country that should follow the apartheid-strangled pre-Nelson Mandela South Africa as a role model. We can and should place a lot of the blame for the attempted coup of 1/6 right on the feet of FOX and spike those feet to the ground with it. Because of people like those pictured in tonight's meme, we nearly had to see the sight of a lynched Vice President and a lynched Speaker of the House and we did have a murder of one police officer and serious injuries to 140 other officers. We also know that the devoted FOX viewers at the Capitol were hunting for selected other prominent politicians on that day. Now they 're trying to deny the whole thing was what it was. Next time, FOX "News," the Murdoch family and their equally subversive compadres might be more successful in achieving their goal because those who could stop these people naively and stupidly take it for granted that things will never go that far and they believe in the fallacy that humankind are essentially good when push comes to shove. Of course, many of those in the alleged opposition don't seem to really care one way or the other or think they would be perfectly happy with a new reich. They are just happy to let others do the dirty work. It's obvious where cable providers that carry FOX "News" stand on this and a hard look at them is called for but no one will do a thing about that. Today's FCC is just a sibling of the NRA in the same big nihilistic nazi republican family. So the (rhetorical) question is, why do Republicans gravitate to FOX "News" (not to mention their media brethren) with such unholy zeal? Well, the way I see it's simple. For starters, the people who watch FOX "News" do so because the conspiracy-mongering, hate and warped world view FOX promotes makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They can go there for reaffirmation of their preconceived biases and bigotries and backing for the simplistic nonsense that floats their madness. FOX gives them what they believe in and what they want to believe in. That's the comfort factor. For the viewers of FOX "News," it's more than a cozy fireside chat. FOX presents the false reality they want to literally live in and it offers the hope of that reality coming to pass. Everyone has dreams. For them, it's also a celebration and a ceremony just like putting on a sheet and a hood and attending a KKK rally except they can do it behind closed doors in the privacy of their own homes.