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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Brett Kavanaugh Gets Some Just Desserts!

by Noah

So Brett Kavanaugh got booed out of a Morton's Steakhouse. So what! Ask me if I give a flying you-know-what. What the hell is he bitching about? If he wants a steak and a keg of beer to wash it down, can't he just go to another state and get one?

Aside from what tonight's meme declares, Kavanaugh's face is also the face you make when your bad life choices bite you in the ass. I suppose some people, out of unwarranted feelings of sympathy, might call Kavanaugh a victim of obvious bad parenting but his constant whining gets no sympathy from me. He made his choices of his own free will. Can you imagine what a whiner he must have been as a child? I sure can, and the fact is that he still is a child, but thanks to our disgraced, fully psychopathic ex-president and his pal/partner in treason Moscow Mitch McConnell, we will all have to suffer from his actions. Ol' Brettypooh even promised vengeance at the end of his confirmation hearings and his GOP comrades, like-minded as they are, cheered and confirmed him. I don't care if any of them ever eat anything anywhere ever again. Since that's what their wishes and policies aim to do to so many of our fellow Americans, so be it! Let them all forever be hounded to the hills to eat berries and tree bark. Meanwhile don't dare call Brett Kavanaugh a justice. He is a political operative, placed on the now highly tainted Supreme Court by America's Nazis.

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