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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Atlanta Spa Killer

by Noah

No one had to tell me the Atlanta Spa Killer suspect was white. I knew that when I heard he was taken alive by police. Then the next thing I knew, a Cherokee County Sheriff Department Spokescretin whose name, just like the suspect's, I won't even mention was matter of factly, even sympathetically, telling us that the suspect said "he was fed up, at the end of his rope," and that "he had a bad day, and this is what he did." "This is what he did." You could hear the shrug. You could feel the shrug. "This is what he did." "He had a bad day." No Mr. Cherokee County Policeman. I'll tell you who had a bad day, and it seems that we have to tell the Cherokee County Police who had a bad day! The 8 dead victims of America's latest mass shooting had a bad day, a really bad day! It ended on a slab. What the hell is wrong with these cops??!!?? Yeah, I know it's the South and all that, and something like 6 of the 8 victims weren't white, but this?

Then the Cherokee County Sheriffs trotted out another brain dead moron who stated that the statements from the first moron were "construed as insensitive" as though it was our fault for "misunderstanding." OK. I'll be fair 'cause I'm always fair. Maybe they were just having a bad day. Screw these people.

But wait, there's more: It turns out that the first spokescretin is a Trumpie (No word yet as to where he was on 1/6) and his facebook page is littered with posts that promote t-shirts that call COVID-19 "IMPORTED VIRUS FROM CHY-NA! So yeah, the spokescretin had a bit of a bond with the suspect, as if we could not already tell.

So now we wait to see how long before righties turn the Atlanta Spa Killer suspect into the latest Kyle Rittenhouse or Timothy McVeigh. The countdown to hero status has begun. How long before he's a guest on the Tucker Tiki Torch and Hannity shows? I can see them fawning all over him. He's probably already booked for next year's CPAC.

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